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Homeless youth going unseen

By Wm Rob Heinlein In all of North County, there are only 10 beds for homeless youth, provided by the OZ program through the YMCA. This is not good enough and all of us need to look at the facts.

Don’t disregard pension issues

By Charlie McDermott Please review the links below to get a handle on the pension liability that you have racked up for our city. Then let the public and your employees know why you are choosing to under fund the employee pensions to such a degree that it will result in a fiscal disaster.

Encinitas is bound to be our own little Greek tragedy

By Charlie McDermott The city of Encinitas is in the midst of a financial crisis, but you wouldn’t know it by walking around town. During the 2004 Olympic Games you also could not tell that Greece was past the point of no return and poised to go down in flames, have a banker appointed to […]

‘Arts Alive’ censorship attracts the attention of the ACLU

By Ian Thompson The City of Encinitas recently stated that it was a violation of the municipal code to have a picture of a political figure on any banner hung on city property. This decision was prompted by the Artists Colony’s desire to honor the late mayor of Encinitas, Maggie Houlihan, a strong supporter of […]

Getting our priorities right

By Celia Kiewit The Coast News provides an excellent source of news, events, columns and advertising. No one throws it on your driveway without your permission, it is never wrapped in plastic, and no one answers the phone in Costa Rica when you call to object! Was it Tom Sawyer who said he put a […]

Living simpler: We can fix what we’re willing to acknowledge

By Celia Kiewit Plastic bag bans are happening all over the world! Have we reached a significant “sea-change” in our understanding of the enormity of plastic pollution? Is this proof of critical mass in our awareness and response?

Stop the Madness

It is difficult to believe that the San Dieguito High School District board members would have the nerve to even think about a massive $450 million tax hike during a recession, let alone place a bond issue on an upcoming election. Aren’t they aware that people are still losing jobs, costs are up, interest incomes […]

Why new Encinitas residents should reject the update to the city’s general plan

By Olivier Canler On Sept. 1, 2011, the Encinitas Planning Department released the draft of General Plan Update 2035 — the official document guiding the growth of our town for the next 25 years. So what’s in the General Plan Update that should make you concerned?

No more secret charter deals!

By Nadine L. Scott Please come to the Charter Amendment workshop in Oceanside Feb. 15 at 4 p.m. Tell Felien and Kern there is no need to rush this to a June ballot. Among other things that will likely be proposed will be redistricting, appointment of clerk and treasurer, which will eliminate elections and independence, […]

What are the rights of the minority anyway?

By Cyrus Kamada In reading some of the responses to criticism of the recent appointment of Mark Muir by the city council majority, you may have noticed that an essential theme was, “hey, we live in a democracy — the majority rules — stop whining and get over it.” This made me think — what […]