Stormtrooper walks to San Diego in memory of late wife

CARLSBAD — He can still hear the inflection of his late wife’s voice when she would say to him, “You’re such a dork.”

  • Hit the Road: ‘Aqua-music’ still plenty loud in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

    Hit the Road: ‘Aqua-music’ still plenty loud in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

    Jul, 06 2015 It’s a beautiful noise — all this running water. It tumbles down the stream bed fast and high, so loud it’s hard to carry on...
  • Oceanside honored as energy champion

    Oceanside honored as energy champion

    Jul, 06 2015 OCEANSIDE — The city was honored by SDG&E as a local government Energy Champion in June....

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    • Jack Baker { "The building industry is gaming the system" You make this claim, yet every example you... } – Jul 06, 8:07 AM
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    • Esteban Llaves { Props to the City of Encinitas City Council and their brave, sensical letter to Sacramento,... } – Jul 05, 2:41 PM
    • Randy Baca { Responsibility for solving homelessness should not lie primarily with government. I am part of a... } – Jul 05, 1:34 PM

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