O’side finalizes permit requirements for beach use

OCEANSIDE — There’s no more free rides for surf camps and fitness groups using Oceanside parks and beaches. City Council gave final approval to require a special operations permit and $1 million liability insurance for commercial use of outdoor recreation areas on Feb 18.

  • Mayor discuses economic, safety improvements

    Mayor discuses economic, safety improvements

    Feb, 27 2015 ESCONDIDO—Mayor Sam Abed gave a rallying cry to work together to make Escondido one of the best cities in the nation at his annual State...
  • Leaf blower ban goes back to commission

    Leaf blower ban goes back to commission

    Feb, 26 2015 ENCINITAS — Encinitas’ environmental commission will revisit proposed restrictions on the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in Encinitas, amid concern that the ban would financially...

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