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General Plan Update review committee off to rocky start

By Olivier Canler What’s the best way to make sure your controversial plan gets approved?  Have a committee of handpicked people review it. That’s what appears to be happening in Encinitas. The General Plan Update, the roadmap for land-use zoning that will change the character of our city, has met with public outcry. This flawed […]

After rent increase, artist will shutter studio

After rent increase, artist will shutter studio

By Bryan Snyder Prior to opening my studio, I was working on my degree and living in the San Francisco Bay area where I began to document culture and community hotspots which encouraged the development of a network of minds fueled by creativity. I learned how culture helps both the well-being of a community, as […]

Coalition asks residents to ‘Envision the View’

By Elyse Dasko With the fate of one of the last pieces of public ocean front land in Encinitas in the balance — the Pacific View property — the Envision the View coalition (ETV) is asking the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) and community residents to see beyond a land sale to developers to a […]

Letters 12/30

To the Coast News Jerome Stocks, the current mayor of Encinitas, has decided to compete with The Grinch as the most despicable icon of the Christmas season. It’s one thing to steal Christmas from the children of Whoville. It’s a new holiday low to remove sketches of the late city councilwoman, Maggie Houlihan, from artistic […]

What’s in our tap water?

By Celia Kiewit Did you receive your New Year’s gift from the water district?   In January we will be getting fluoride in our tap water!   Great, it protects the children’s teeth from cavities.  Or does it?  I had one week’s worth of fluoride treatments when I was a kid and I have no cavities.  Why […]