California Focus: Ground water becoming another fight

The next front in California’s long-running water wars has already opened, and the reasons for it will sometimes be hard to see — but not always.

No more inmates sent to county as state works to lower prison populations

REGION — Thanks to recent legislation, San Diego County will not receive additional inmates as the state is forced to further reduce its prison populations by the thousands by early next year.

Siskiyou secession move going nowhere, like all the rest

It’s secession season again in California. For the seventh time in the last 27 years or so, there’s a movement afoot to split the state.

‘Simple’ idea looks to make big change in legislature

‘Simple’ idea looks to make big change in legislature

RANCHO SANTA FE — It is a true citizen legislature. It is the largest state legislature in the country. And it is what John Cox wants to see implemented into California’s legislature system.

At least two more years of fixable property tax inequity

Maybe Proposition 13 really still is a third rail in California politics, one that no one dares touch for fear it means instant political suicide, just as surely as if through electrocution.

Justice long delayed in Feds’ energy cheating

It’s taken almost 13 years, but justice may finally be coming to California consumers victimized by the federal government during California’s energy crunch of 2000 and 2001.

LNG exports could hurt California recovery

California’s recovery has led the nation for months in producing new jobs, even though it hasn’t yet come close to replacing all those lost in the Great Recession of 2009-11.

Time to get serious about Texas war on California

It’s easy to see the four-day job-poaching foray into California just completed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry as an isolated incident.

Alternatives to prison realignment could be worse

As crime statistics for 2012 gradually filter in from around the state, gripes about the 15-month-old prison realignment program have begun rising in newspaper headlines and talk show airwaves.

Another billionaire tries to avoid a payment

The old saw tells us that billionaires didn’t get rich by giving away money.But what about paying their fair share?