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Finding joy this holiday season.
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NTENTION Talk: Finding joy this holiday season

As I sat around the Thanksgiving table with loved ones and friends, I was taken aback by just how much love there was. Behind the laughter and the joy, I also know there is grief and great pain but for just a moment, everyone was gathered, celebrating, and happy.
As the next holiday approaches as well as the new year, consider all of the things that you can celebrate and find joy in. What are the things that you love, that energize you? It is easy to get caught up in the to-do list, Christmas shopping, work demands, and the busyness of life. This holiday season I hope you can practice small moments of mindfulness.
The smell of your mom’s cooking, the twinkling lights, the soft pajamas, the warm and cozy nights, the delicious sweet cookies and salty snacks, and the sound of laughter, joy, and singing. If you or someone you know needs a boost offer them a listening ear, a hug, something to eat, or your time.
There is so much joy in supporting one another through the small things of daily life. Your gift doesn’t have to be perfect, you are already amazing, and can offer so much if you just look within.
So for the sake of giving and finding joy this holiday season, here are some final tips.
  1. Step back and reflect on the things you hear, see, smell, taste, and can touch.
  2. Be grateful for the daily support in your life and the small things. 
  3. Check-in with the people you care about and ask how they are. 
  4. Offer the gift of your time or food vs. a gift.
  5. Help a friend or someone in need. 
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