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Dr. David Bloch’s patent-pending process helps most poor readers perform better than their peers within three months. Stock photo
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Local doctor cures dyslexia, students everywhere visit Carlsbad for treatment

Thanks to the eye doctor and Dyslexia expert Dr. David Bloch, students with Dyslexia are jumping to the head of the class. Dr. Bloch’s patent-pending process reprograms how a Dyslexic mind stores and retrieves reading-related information, letting most poor readers perform better than their peers in 3 months.

This program is so successful that 95% of students can begin to read properly on the first day of treatment. Parents have been thrilled and thankful that a cure for Dyslexia has been found.

Dr. Bloch’s treatment for Dyslexia has been gaining both local and national attention. Recently, Congressman Mike Levin congratulated Dr. Bloch on his innovative program and has offered his support.

Brittany Skipper was excited to find Dr. Bloch for her son, who has Dyslexia. Brittany said that the Reading Without Limits Program is not only a blessing, but a bargain compared to other Dyslexia programs.

“We looked at several Dyslexia programs for my first grader, Reagan,” Brittany said. “Reagan’s confidence was low, and he dreaded when he had to read. Dr.  Bloch’s program was unlike any other in that he focuses on reading and eyesight using visual processing and tracking. After only five sessions, his reading and comprehension have improved, and he now looks forward to reading. I did my research, no program does what Reading Without Limits does, and Dr. Bloch is so thorough and patient, he is definitely a profound expert in his field.”

Dyslexia is the number one learning disability in the United States, affecting about one out of five people. This means everyone knows somebody with this reading disability.

But many are unaware of the stress and anxiety it causes students and their families. Parents are devastated when their child is unsuccessful in school and loses the confidence to do better.

They are not only frustrated with the lack of adequate resources to correct Dyslexia but also with the misinformation that it is a lifelong and incurable problem.

Thankfully, new brain science makes it possible for students with Dyslexia to become excellent readers in record time. Dr. David Bloch, an eye doctor and reading disability expert in Carlsbad, California, is the Dyslexia Buster.

Dr. Bloch has discovered the key element that makes it possible to cure Dyslexia. His Reading Without Limits program allows students with Dyslexia to read at or above grade level in about three months.

This is incredible, considering the next best and accepted method takes nearly three years to produce a halfway decent reader. The tools educators, psychologists, and other reading specialists use to help dyslexic students are just not cutting it.

Dr. Bloch reprograms visual, auditory, and cognitive processing using new patent-pending technology, allowing poor readers to break bad brain habits.

There is no emphasis on phonics, sight reading, picture books or verbal cues.

New super tools allow students to store and retrieve reading-related information that already exists in their head, but that has been misfiled. This works much the same way that a librarian re-shelves misplaced books. It is much easier to find things when they are correctly organized.

Kristin McCrary, the mother of one of Dr. Bloch’s patients, has seen immediate and remarkable improvement after just one month of his revolutionary Reading Without Limits program. Kristin’s son Liam has struggled with reading for years without significant improvement. As a second grader, he could barely read at the kindergarten level.

“Over the past few years, we have tried everything from Hooked on Phonics to programs that the school offered, but nothing helped him,” Kristin said. “Finally, our optometrist suggested we try Dr. Bloch’s program.”

Dr. Bloch’s pattern recognition strategies let her son correctly identify words in a new way.

“Liam also has a reading tracking issue, and after he started working with the Dr.’s program, the results were immediate,” Kristin said. “To be honest, Dr. Bloch’s program is a game changer. Liam’s confidence has improved dramatically, he feels successful, and now he will say, ‘Mom, let me read the next sentence!’ We are completely thrilled, this program works!”

Dr. Bloch explained that most dyslexic students have all the prerequisites to read correctly. “If they know the alphabet, can talk and understand verbal communication, they can learn to read proficiently in a few short months, not years,” Dr. Bloch said.

Contrary to popular belief, people with Dyslexia have above-normal intelligence, grade-appropriate speaking vocabulary, and excellent oral comprehension skills. They don’t have good eye tracking skills, proper word recognition skills, and complete reading comprehension. Some people with Dyslexia will reverse letters and words, but not all of them.

The most common traits are reading errors such as adding, omitting and transposing words, with almost all dyslexic readers seeing letters and phrases that are not there.

By practicing the right drills, poor readers are transformed into excellent readers quickly and easily. If you have a child with a reading disability or Dyslexia that has not made gains with traditional reading programs, you can get real answers and results from Dr. Bloch.  He sees patients in person locally as well as nationally via Telehealth.

Find out why his Reading Without Limits program is quickly becoming the new gold standard for correcting Dyslexia and other reading disabilities. For more information, please visit or schedule a consultation by calling 760-730-3711. Dr. Bloch’s office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St., Carlsbad, CA 92008.


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