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Dr. David Bloch, a Carlsbad eye doctor, is helping students fight against dyslexia. Courtesy photo
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New medical discovery corrects dyslexia with incredible results

A Carlsbad eye doctor is helping students of all ages fight against Dyslexia, a learning disability affecting
roughly 15% of all Americans. Dr. David Bloch, a licensed eye-care provider, along with Dr. Bruce Dow, a former professor at Walden University, have combined new developments in brain, vision and reading sciences to establish the Reading Without Limits program.  The Reading Without Limits program was developed to test and help students master reading and correct their Dyslexia.

In general, struggling readers have grade-appropriate verbal skills, vocabulary and intelligence. But they confuse this information when reading silently or aloud.

“Dyslexic students are intelligent people, they just can’t read the words on the page,” Dr. Bloch said. “The answer lies in reprogramming how the brain looks at information.”

Reading Without Limits incorporates a specific set of reading drills that reprogram how the brain stores and retrieves information, helping poor readers learn to recognize words immediately, improve reading fluency, increase reading speed and comprehension in less than three months.

“One teacher told me she has never had a student make this kind of reading advancement in her 20 years working in the education system.” said Dr. Bloch.

Marianne, a resident of Fallbrook, was running out of options for treating her son’s Dyslexia. As a second-grade student, Marianne’s son was reading at a kindergarten level and his learning disability was a source of frustration for the entire family. After visiting Dr. Bloch and enrolling her son in the Reading Without Limits program, Marianne has seen dramatic changes in her son’s reading ability and comprehension. “Dr. Bloch has changed my son’s life,” Marianne said. “Within one month, my son is bringing me chapter books to read. Word recognition, fluency, reading speed and confidence have improved 100% from where we started. It is an amazing program!” 

By fully committing to the Reading Without Limits program, beginning readers can raise their reading scores by two to three grade levels in approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

More experienced readers can increase their reading speed threefold while maintaining comprehension. Even students with Dyslexia show immediate progress and are able to read complex words on their first training session.

All students enrolling in this program become more motivated and confident readers in a few short weeks. But more importantly, they can eliminate anxiety and self-esteem issues that may have prevented them from achieving more.

Approximately 30% of the population has a reading problem of some kind, and due to the lack of effective reading resources, parents and students have wasted thousands of dollars seeking effective help. Fortunately, a new breakthrough approach is now available in Reading Without Limits.

“I started out to help kids read better, but when I got finished, I found a solution for Dyslexia,” Dr. Bloch said. “Using Reading Without Limits, I can make anyone a better reader and do it faster than traditional reading programs.”

Please visit or call 760-730-3711 and book an appointment and receive a $100 Off a 4-Phased Reading Evaluation.

Tele-Health consultation is available during COVID-19 crisis. Their practice is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Suite B, Carlsbad, CA.