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Roughly 30% of the population has a reading problem of some sort and about 15% have dyslexia. Stock photo
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Poor readers jump grades ahead with new technology

Many parents are completely frustrated by the lack of resources for children with Dyslexia and other reading disabilities.  Despite getting help from their teacher, a personal tutor, and reading specialist nothing really seems to be improving their kid’s reading skills. They are devastated that their kid is falling further behind in school and developing feelings of inadequacy. Why isn’t anything working and what can a parent do to stop the emotional toll on their kid?

The main reason a lot of reading programs are ineffective is because they all use the same tool set. The strategies used in standard reading programs emphasize sounding out words, memorizing words, and comprehending content with picture cues. While this approach may help some beginning readers, it doesn’t help everyone. In fact, roughly 30% of the population has a reading problem of some sort and about 15% have Dyslexia. These figures nearly double when looking at the population of homeschooled children.

After years of research, Carlsbad eye doctor and Dyslexia expert, Dr. David Bloch, has developed new super tools that correct reading disabilities in record time. His Reading Without Limits program is so unique that it has a patent pending. Parent Pat W. said, “I worked as a senior education consultant for the USA at the world’s largest education company, Dr. Bloch’s tools and processes are easily one of the three best programs I’ve ever seen in North America.”

Students can advance their reading level to the same level as their spoken vocabulary level in about 3 months.

Most reading specialists believe that earlier readers need to learn word recognition by decoding phonetic patterns.  Dr. Bloch contends that phonics, sight words, picture cues, and even verbal cues are not critical in learning to read. What is critical are oral vocabulary and visual tracking ability. Unlike traditional reading programs, his method permanently repairs the disconnect between auditory and visual processing experienced by those with Dyslexia.

Dr. Bloch argues that most beginning readers already have extensive speaking vocabulary.  They know all the sounds of the words they have been speaking since they were a toddler.  They fully comprehend all the words they speak and the imagery that go with those words. The real problem is related to accurate word identification and orderly word processing.  The majority of reading difficulties stem from reading the wrong words and reading words out of order, both of which create confusion and poor comprehension.

In general, a poor reader who has good oral comprehension will be highly successful with reading comprehension once they are taught to quickly recognize text and read the words in proper order. Parent Karyn K. was very impressed with her daughter’s gains. “Dr. Bloch teaches the kids what exactly is going to enable them to read. We just wanted her to be at grade level and she exceeded that.”

In Dr. Bloch’s Reading Without Limits program, students are taught word identification by recognizing key letter patterns in words called word anchors. Once practiced, this process allows any reader to accurately pronounce 90% of the English language, even if they have never heard or spoken the words. In just a few weeks, an average first grader, that knows the alphabet, can accurately read grade appropriate words and also incredibly read (but not know the meaning) high school and college level words without difficulty. This skill coupled with visual tracking drills allows struggling readers to fluently process words in order and properly comprehend the content. As a result, students can advance their reading level to the same level as their spoken vocabulary level in about 3 months.

If your child needs serious reading help, schedule a consult with Dr. Bloch. He will make you a believer in the Reading Without Limits program. Call 760-730-3711 or visit

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