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In a matter of seconds, poor readers can identify words that were previously unrecognizable to them. Courtesy photo
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Beyond belief — Students with severe reading disabilities learn to read in seconds

Students of all ages with reading disabilities learn to read like never before, with the help of Dr. David Bloch, an eye doctor and Dyslexia expert in Carlsbad. 

In a matter of seconds, poor readers can identify words that were previously unrecognizable to them. How this occurs is a complete mystery to most, especially when it is done without phonics, sight reading, picture books, or even verbal cues.

“Most people say this is impossible until they see me demonstrate it,” Dr. Bloch said.

Dr. Bloch uses of series of drills to reprogram a reader’s visual and cognitive processing. It works much like reloading software into a computer, so he refers to it as “a brain reboot”.

Most poor readers suffer from poor comprehension because they are unable to read the words, they read the words in the wrong order, or they forget what they read. Correcting these three factors allows poor readers not only comprehend more but to also double or even triple their reading speed.

Dr. Bloch’s Reading Without Limits is unlike any other program out there. It delivers incredible results in just a few months, not years. Poor readers are able to jump multiple grade levels and exceed grade level reading proficiency by “breaking bad brain habits”. 

“Poor readers get in the habit of storing and recalling information the wrong way,” Dr. Bloch said. “I take away their confusion by teaching them to look at text in a new and more efficient way.”

Karyn Kulenovic’s daughter started the program at the end of fifth grade.

“She was really at a turning point at schooling and she needed to be able to read and keep up with the curriculum,” Kulenovic said.

It wasn’t that her daughter couldn’t comprehend what she was reading, but it would take her a long time to get through one article of reading homework assigned to her.

“Her eyes weren’t moving in sync with each other, which was impacting her ability to read,” Kulenovic said.

When Kulenovic found Dr. Bloch, things really changed for her daughter.

Dr. Bloch was able to examine her daughter’s eyes and also found that her eyes weren’t focusing properly, which was another issue.

Once she started the program, her issues with reading began to go away pretty quickly.

“She was with him all summer for 18 sessions, and she went from scoring at a second grade reading level to an eighth grade level.

“We just wanted her to be at grade level and she exceeded that,” Kulenovic said.

Dr. Bloch even retrained and toned Kulenovic’s daughter’s eye muscles so that she doesn’t need to use reading glasses either.

Little by little, Kulenovic’s daughter’s confidence grew because of her new reading skills.

Besides his program, Kulenovic also credited the way he worked with her daughter as a major factor in her improved reading skills.

“Dr. Bloch is such a nice, humorous, down-to-earth guy and I think that made a huge difference in her ability to feel comfortable,” Kulenovic said.

Kulenovic described Dr. Bloch as the “Mr. Miyagi” (a la Karate Kid) of reading.

“He teaches the kids what exactly is going to enable them to read,” she said. “There are a ton of kids out there that could really use his help.”

Get more information by visiting or schedule an evaluation by calling 760-730-3711.

Dr. Bloch’s office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Suite B, Carlsbad, CA. 92008.