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You may hear from educators, psychologists, and reading specialists, that dyslexia is a life-long incurable disorder, but it isn’t true. Stock photo
You may hear from educators, psychologists, and reading specialists, that dyslexia is a life-long incurable disorder, but it isn’t true. Stock photo
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The truth about fixing dyslexia that schools won’t tell you

Even though you may hear from educators, psychologists, and reading specialists, that Dyslexia is a life long incurable disorder, it isn’t true. New brain science now makes it possible to fix Dyslexia in record time. Your child no longer needs to live with a reading disability or the shame and anxiety that accompanies it. New super tools can teach your child to read at or above grade level in about 3 months.

Carlsbad Eye Doctor and Dyslexia Expert, Dr. David Bloch, has developed a program that quickly and permanently fixes Dyslexia. His process is patent pending and currently in the final phase of approval by the U.S. Patent Office.  Research by Dr. Bloch shows that the main reason students with Dyslexia cannot read is mostly due to “bad brain habits”. Students with Dyslexia are in the habit of storing and retrieving reading related information the wrong way. Through a series of visual, auditory, and cognitive drills Dr. Bloch is able to break the “bad brain habits” allowing students to quickly recognize words, read faster, and comprehend more.

Dr. Bloch’s Reading Without Limits program is receiving a lot of attention because he is able to correct Dyslexia without emphasizing phonics, sight reading, picture books, or verbal cues. Parents, teachers, reading specialists, and medical professionals have been completely blown away with how fast his patients make gains and jump above their grade level in reading. Dr. Bloch has been helping students become confident readers, achieve more, and feel better about themselves. He was recently voted The Best Eye Doctor and Dyslexia Expert in North County of 2023. 

Dyslexia is the number one learning disability in the United States. Roughly 15 % of the population has Dyslexia and up to 30% have a reading disability of some sort. Parents don’t need to let their kid fall behind in school. Reading is an essential life skill that nobody can do without. When a child cannot read, it becomes very difficult for them to follow instructions in class and complete homework on their own.  This creates a huge amount of stress for the child and their parents. Getting the right treatment for Dyslexia is life changing for the whole family.

Currently, both public schools and private schools do not have the proper tools or resources to truly help students with Dyslexia excel in school.  At best, schools will offer remedial services, but they will still teach students with Dyslexia to read using the same tools that are used to teach those without Dyslexia. While these special education programs give students individualized attention, more time to complete assignments, and break learning into smaller steps, they are slow at catching students up to grade level or getting them back into the regular classroom. Also, qualifying for these Individual Education Programs isn’t easy. Approval generally requires that students be about 2 years behind in their skills and/or score low on multiple psychological and academic tests.

Dr. Bloch says students with Dyslexia can actually make gains in reading faster than students with other types of reading disabilities.  This is because most people with Dyslexia have above normal intelligence, grade appropriate speaking vocabulary, and excellent oral comprehension skills. Their areas of deficit like poor eye tracking skills, weak pattern recognition skills, and low reading comprehension can all be fixed with his program.  Other features of Dyslexia include reading errors like adding, omitting, and transposing words, as well as seeing letters or words that are not actually there. Some Dyslexic readers reverse letters and words, but not all of them. Almost all dyslexic readers have difficulty spelling. Incredibly, all of these problems can be fixed with Dr. Bloch’s program too.

Recently one of Dr. Bloch’s student’s mother, JK Boucher, was thrilled with the results from the Reading Without Limits program.  She explained, “My daughter, Abrielle, is just starting 9th grade.  Only three years ago, she read at a 1st grade level. Unable to keep up with school and homework, she struggled with anxiety and would have meltdowns when dealing with school assignments. Now she tells me that she ‘loves’ school and is now getting A grades” she stated. “You can’t put a value on the benefits of Dr. Bloch’s  program. There is nothing else out there like it” she went on to say. “ I just went to my daughters parent/teacher conference, and her teachers could not believe that she ever struggled with dyslexia. I wish this program was available to all students who struggle with dyslexia, this program works.”

Your kid doesn’t have to struggle any longer with reading. You can get real answers and real results from Dr. Bloch.

For more information, please visit or schedule a consultation by calling 760-730-3711. His office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Carlsbad, CA 92008.


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