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Dr. David Bloch's Reading Without Limits program allows students with dyslexia to improve their reading fluency and increase their reading speed and comprehension in less than three months. Courtesy photo
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Dyslexia program helps students jump grades ahead and blows away parents, students, educators

Are you frustrated that your child is still behind in reading even after enrolling them in special learning programs and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on tutoring and other reading programs?

Reading is a particular challenge for roughly 15% of Americans who suffer from Dyslexia. Unfortunately, there aren’t many effective resources out there for those with this learning disorder, but Dr. David Bloch in Carlsbad is now the region’s leading resource for conquering these complex reading problems.

Dr. Bloch, a licensed eye-care provider and reading expert, has developed a clever solution to Dyslexia with his program Reading Without Limits. Those with Dyslexia suffer from poor word recognition, according to Dr. Bloch. This includes difficulty with sounding out words, struggling to learn new words, and the inability to remember words from one page to the next.

Many poor readers are unable to track words in the proper order. This causes reading errors like adding, omitting, substituting and transposing words. These two factors combined results in confusion and poor comprehension.

“Dyslexic students are intelligent people, they just can’t read the words on the page,” Dr. Bloch said. “The answer requires reprogramming how the brain stores and retrieves information.”Those with Dyslexia can’t correct their reading skills through practicing traditional reading methods that apply phonics and sight-reading.Using phonics and sight-reading is “almost like giving them the wrong instructions,” Dr. Bloch said.

Dr. Bloch’s approach is completely different. According to the doctor, having Dyslexia is like trying to find books placed on the wrong shelves in a library. To fix it, all of the books need to be taken off the shelves and reorganized correctly — which is what Reading Without Limits does.

Reading Without Limits applies reading drills that reprogram how the brain finds key information, helping readers to recognize words immediately, improve their reading fluency and increase their reading speed and comprehension in less than three months. “My program not only gets them caught up but also puts them ahead of where they’re supposed to be,” Dr. Bloch said.

“The improvement I saw in my daughter happened fast,” said Kristy Fowler of San Marcos about her third grader. “Within four months, she went from refusing to read to enjoying reading and reading at a high school level.”

Now in the 8th grade, her daughter has been in honors level language arts and history classes for the past three years and is at the top of her class with a reading level of a college graduate student.

Rhonda Tremblay, a superintendent of a Southern California school district, explained how the program vastly improved one of her student’s lives.  The student was in the latter part of high school and only reading at a first-grade level, but after five months of working with Dr. Bloch, he was reading confidently at a fifth-grade level.

Reading Without Limits gets results like no other program targeting Dyslexia. Many Dyslexia specialists still often use traditional methods that either work much slower or don’t work at all. Dr. Bloch’s program is an incredible resource that is “changing people’s lives.”

“They can’t get this everywhere,” he said. “It’s not a do-it-yourself kind of thing.”

Get more information by visiting or schedule an evaluation by calling 760-730-3711. Ask about the “Back to School” discount.

Dr. Bloch’s office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Suite B, Carlsbad, CA. 92008.

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