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The Miracle of NAD+ for Detox and Age Reversal

Phillip Milgram, MD, is a board-certified physician in practice for 40 years. Courtesy photo

The Face of Integrative Medicine
Dr. Phillip Milgram, M.D. | NAD MD Inc.


NAD MD Inc. founder Dr. Phillip Milgram’s mission is to change people’s lives for the better, by getting them off drugs and alcohol and by reversing the processes of aging and chronic degenerative diseases.

Using a cutting-edge therapy called NAD+, Milgram works tirelessly to help his patients from being sick and their own worst enemy to being healthy of mind, body and spirit. A Southern California native, Dr. Milgram is the best-kept secret in medicine and one the foremost providers of NAD+ therapy in the world.

He is “The NAD MD”. With 40 years of experience, which includes 30 years working with detoxification, Milgram takes a nutritional approach toward detoxification versus the traditional medicinal approach. He takes people from a hopeless pit of anxiety and depression into health and brain integration giving them back a zest for life.

“I’ve been practicing integrative medicine, complimentary medicine, and nutritional based therapies for 35 years,” he said. “When I was introduced to the miracle of NAD+, I shifted my practice to getting NAD+ into as many people as I could. It’s a transformational therapy! NAD+ is already present in every living animal and plant cell. The cells need NAD+ for energy, and patients get the benefits quickly by infusing it directly into the bloodstream.”

Milgram has also created a formula which gets the NAD more efficiently across the blood/brain barrier, across the cell membrane and into the cells. “The results are revolutionary.”

Cellular energy is only one of the many CATEGORIES of metabolic reactions that are fueled by NAD. NAD helps remove damaged and abnormal cells from the body, creates brain integration and connectivity, and many other processes.

Milgram’s results speak for themselves as he has treated many suffering patients; from poor sick people to celebrities and athletes throughout the years. And people travel from all over the world to get treatment to fight addiction and treat degenerative diseases and introduce age reversal into their lives. He and his nurses also perform concierge treatments in people’s homes and have many patients in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Orange County.

“Not only do I have these safe complimentary therapies, but I truly care,” Milgram explained. “An experienced doctor and staff that really cares makes a big difference.”

For addiction, Milgram said detox is the first step in drug rehabilitation. NAD+ is what the body uses in detoxification to purge heavy metals, toxins, chemicals and environmental pollutants. It’s a miraculous tool for getting people off alcohol and drugs and feeling wonderful and on the path to health again. He puts a safe path forward for his detox program, which does not require other addictive substances, blocks cravings as early as Day 2 or 3 (depending on the patient’s history) and restores healthy brain function.

“I am a patient advocate and I have the knowledge of the cutting-edge therapies, the courage to implement them, and judicious use as a patient advocate,” Milgram explained. “In other words, I’m not going to give you what you don’t need, I will give you what you do need, and these are therapies you can’t get at your corner doctor. All of this is done from a perspective of patient advocacy and future knowledge.”

As for his career, Milgram’s accomplishments include hosting the NAD+ Summit where he is recognized as one of the foremost providers of NAD+ therapies in the world. He says it’s important to discern the high-quality provision of these therapies from other clinics that say they offer NAD+, but are just adding it to their list of services because of the recent surge of science and renown that has doctors, scientists and finally the public aware of the power of NAD+.

Milgram also offers other complimentary therapies, vitamin infusions and energizing treatments.

He’s been voted the top doctor several times by national organizations, is endorsed by Life Extension, the Asher Longevity Institute, the Gerontological Research Group and RAADFest (Revolution Against Aging and Death). Milgram is also the medical director at several alcohol and drug treatment centers and was the founding medical director at Pemarro Detox in Ramona, appointed by his mentor, John Milner MD.

“My NAD+ therapy is the greatest discovery in medicine since Fleming invented Penicillin,” he said. “I’m looking at changing people’s lives.”

To learn more about how NAD+ can change your life or the life of a loved one, visit or call Dr. Milgram at 760-944-9200.