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The Face of Diagnostic Imaging
Carlsbad Imaging Center

6010 Hidden Valley Rd., Ste. 125
Carlsbad, CA 92011

Patients who need imaging services such as MRIs, CT, Ultrasound, X-Ray, and Dexa can trust in the staff at Carlsbad Imaging Center to provide a relaxing, comfortable, and personable experience unlike any other.

The practice provides both traditionally “closed” MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) as well as what is referred to as “open” MRIs, the latter of which suits claustrophobic patients, young children and patients who weigh up to 500 pounds.For more than 15 years, Carlsbad Imaging Center has been a medical outpatient center providing radiology exams to help diagnose and follow-up with issues inside the body and screen for illnesses like different cancers, tumors, heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, bone fractures and more.

Also available at Carlsbad Imaging Center is its self-referral body screening services.

“We provide this service to the patients who just want to make sure they don’t have any issues,” said Dr. Afsaneh Maghsoudy, radiologist and co-owner of Carlsbad Imaging Center.

Performed using a CT scan, self-referral body screenings can provide cardiac scoring, which detects the amount of calcium or plaque in the coronary arteries.

Doctors can recommend the appropriate treatment, including diet and lifestyle changes, medication or further testing based on the information obtained from cardiac scoring.

Self-referral body screening also checks for lung cancer. Studies have shown that CT scans can greatly improve the likelihood of finding early lung cancers before they mature to a more severe stage.

For example, patients who were previously smokers may opt for this service to check for lung nodules, heart disease or other internal health issues caused by their old habit.

“Throughout my career I’ve seen many patients who used to be smokers come in for screenings,” Dr. Maghsoudy said. “I know some of them who had surgery and became cancer survivors.”

The self-referral body screening service is also available to patients seeking whole body screenings, stroke and brain tumor screenings, total body composition screenings and virtual colonoscopies.

According to Dr. Maghsoudy, her practice strives to offer a different setting than that of a hospital for patients.

“We’re not replacing a hospital, we’re just providing a more comfortable setting for patients,” Dr. Maghsoudy said.

To make this happen, Carlsbad Imaging starts by always providing a live person for patients to speak with over the phone.

“There’s a big difference when you’re talking to a machine versus a person,” Dr. Maghsoudy said.
With a person on the other end, patients can ask as many questions as they need to, and the trained, friendly staff at Carlsbad Imaging Center will do their best to get every question asked over the phone answered as possible.

Dr. Maghsoudy and her team continue to communicate with patients throughout their experience, taking the necessary time to keep them informed about what is going on with their body.

Dr. Brian Bigoni
Dr. Afsaneh Maghsoudy