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The Faces of Urology
Dr. Jason Phillips, Urology | Dr. Aaron Boonjindasup, Urology

3907 Waring Rd., Ste. 4

Urologists Jason Phillips and Aaron Boonjindasup are bringing top quality urological care to patients throughout North County.

Urology of San Diego first opened its doors in March 2020 right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the main practice is located at the Tri-City Medical Center campus, Drs. Phillips and Boonjindasup are some of the only urologists practicing at all four of North County’s hospitals: Tri-City Medical Center, Palomar Medical Centers in Escondido and Poway, and Scripps in Encinitas.

Both doctors share a passion for the urology field, which deals with the bladder, prostate health, urological cancers and other issues like kidney stones and vasectomies. The doctors ensure that their patients experience as minimally invasive techniques as possible.

“We are able to help a variety of patients from young gentlemen to older gentlemen, from young to older women — it doesn’t matter what age or gender they are,” Dr. Boonjindasup said.

Both doctors are highly qualified urologists who teach other urologists how to operate the robotic procedures used at Urology of San Diego. The two strive to educate both their patients and potential patients about urological health while also treating them in their own community with “excellent outcomes.”

“You could have someone with prostate cancer go to UCSD or UCLA for treatment, but we provide excellent outcomes and improve our patients’ quality of life right here,” Phillips said.

They also enjoy building relationships with their patients through the education process as well.

“Patient education is key, especially with a lot of these complex issues they have,” Boonjindasup said. “We want them to know and feel comfortable with what’s going on with their bodies.”

The two doctors are also generally younger than other urological surgeons in the industry, and while this may make some weary the two have large amounts of experience to back their skills up.

“Being young urologists, we have a skillset that not a lot of people have,” Boonjindasup said. “We can bring a range of treatment options to patients, and that is really a key to the patients’ wellbeing and our ability to treat them.”

The practice is also involved in clinical research trials at their practice, which benefits not only their own work but can also help move the industry forward overall.

“We help provide and show that we need real world data,” Boonjindasup said. “We need to see how real patients at clinics, not just in university settings, receive and respond to treatment.”

The doctors also stay on top of the latest state of the art technology.

“We feel it’s really important to try to be on the cutting edge of new technology,” Phillips said. We try and collaborate with the industry to optimize our patients’ outcomes.”

Both doctors also plan to stick around North County for a long time to continue providing top quality urological care to patients here.

For Phillips, North County holds a particularly dear place in heart. His father grew up in North County where Phillips now resides in Carlsbad with his wife and young children. His father has returned as well.

Carlsbad is also home to Boonjindasup. Originally from Louisiana, Boonjindasup moved here with his wife and young children so that his wife could return back to the city where she grew up.

“Absolutely one thing we can provide our patients is longevity of care,” Boonjindasup said. “We plan on being here for a long period of time and building up our business and clinic that will provide care for generations here in North County.”