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The Face of Infrastructure
Build North Coast Corridor (NCC) Project
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Since late 2016, the Caltrans and SANDAG Build North Coast Corridor (NCC) Project team has been seen working throughout the north coastal corridor on a variety of transportation, environment, and coastal access projects.

You have already seen many of these projects come to life, including ongoing improvements to Interstate 5 (I-5), upgrades to the rail line and rail crossings, and the creation of new pedestrian and bike paths. Each one of these projects are part of the comprehensive $6 billion North Coast Corridor program to improve the quality of life for residents, create a stronger local and regional economy for the future, and enhance the coastal environment.

The Build NCC team operates as a “Construction Manager General Contractor” (CMGC) project model. This model minimizes impacts to the public and environment through a collaborative, team-first approach, and provides greater flexibility for Caltrans and SANDAG to work with the joint venture contractor – Flatiron, Skanska, and Stacy and Witbeck (FSSW). This approach was on full display in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, allowing the Build NCC team and FSSW to quickly adopt enhanced safety protocols to keep essential workers in the field for continued construction of this regional mega-project.

These last four years, the Build NCC team has become a part of the North Coast Corridor community and takes enormous pride in building critical transportation infrastructure for the future of the corridor, as well as reducing construction impacts along the way. These ongoing efforts include maintaining a clean job site, minimizing noise, dust, and a coordinated approach to litter management. To date, Caltrans Maintenance Crews have retrieved 29,250 lbs. of litter from the corridor while Caltrans Construction Crews have collected an additional 13,138 cubic yards in the same time period.

Over the life of the project, the joint Build NCC team has fostered countless positive relationships throughout the corridor. From neighbors to local business owners to the traveling public to elected officials, the team appreciates the community’s continued patience and positive feedback.

For more information on the Build NCC Project, please visit, email [email protected], or call 844-NCC-0050.