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Former Marine from Camp Pendleton still connecting Cox customers after 23 years

The Face Of Connectivity
Richard Munoz | Cox Communications

When Richard Munoz started as a field technician with Cox Communications 23 years ago, his job was to install cable television service to homes in North County.

Today, as Cox has continued to innovate over the years – building a powerful broadband network and adding high speed internet, digital telephone, and now home security and automation and streaming services to its portfolio – Richard is now a universal technician and does it all.

“When I started with Cox, HBO and Cinemax had one channel. Today, they have multiple channels and there’s so much on demand,” Richard said.

A former Marine from San Antonio, Texas who met his wife (a Vista native) while he was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Richard has had a front-row seat to the evolution of technology during his time at Cox.

“I remember when we first started offering internet service. Our cable customers were so excited for us to install it in their home,” Richard recalls. “And now, we have home security and automation and everyone’s excited about that.”

He says one of the best things about his job is seeing firsthand how what he does brings joy to the customers he’s serving.

“Once, I installed cable television for a mother with young children. The family had previously lived in the desert and hadn’t had television in three years. When I turned on the TV and turned the channel to a cartoon for the kids, the look on their faces was priceless. Seeing their joy made their mother cry with tears of happiness, and then I started to get emotional.”

It’s understandable since Richard has three children of his own – a teenage son and two daughters (the eldest followed her father’s footsteps into the Marines and his younger daughter is in college with plans to be a police officer).

Another aspect of Richard’s job is helping customers learn about all the fun and helpful features available with their Cox services that they may not have known about – and how powerful a TV remote control can actually be.

“Customers love hearing about how our Cox Contour service’s voice remote control can make it easier to find programming. When I say their favorite actor into the voice remote and it pulls up all the available shows and movies starring that actor, they’re amazed,” Richard said. “Then I show them how to find their Netflix programs on Contour if they subscribe to Netflix.”

Another tip he loves sharing with customers who have Contour and Cox Homelife (the automation and security service) is how customers can say things like “Lock the front door” or “Turn off the light” with their voice remote control to manage Homelife functions.

Richard says he’s proud and feels very fortunate to work for a company like Cox that is committed to its customers, its employees and the communities it serves.

Cox – and our community – is fortunate to have Richard Munoz.