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Sanitize and Deodorize Your Trash Cans

The Face of Cleanliness & Sanitation
David Johnston, founder |


Foul smelling trash cans even after they’re empty? It’s probably time to give them a good clean but, simply spraying those nasty bins with a hose isn’t going to do the dirty job of completely cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing them, and to make matters worse, letting all that nasty water wash down into the storm drain isn’t environmentally sound, to say the least. Your bins, and the ocean, deserve better!

With SanEtizeIT’s one of a kind service your trash, recycling and green cans can be completely cleaned, sanitized and deodorized in a safe, eco-friendly way.

Owner and founder David Johnston explains: “No one else is providing this very much needed service in North County, and I thought it would be a great amenity to offer a service that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes dirty trash cans.”

SanEtizeIT brings its services right to your home or business. After trash has been collected, the cans are inspected by the staff for any remaining trash. If any trash is found, it is bagged and placed back into the receptacle after the cleaning process is finished.

After the first inspection, a specially formulated green cleaning solution is applied to remove 99% of common bacteria from the can’s surface.

Next, the can is lifted into SanEtizeIT’s state-of-the-art cleaning platform on the rear of the truck by the hydraulic lifting mechanism, where a specifically designed washing system uses high pressure and 200-degree hot water to blast away grease, grime, harmful bacteria and other gunk from the inside of the container.

The outside of the container and lid is also power washed while on the platform with the same hot, high pressure water that removes all the dirt, dust and harmful bacteria.

As far as water usage is concerned SanEtizeIT’s cleaning process uses only a fraction of water to clean each trash can as opposed to the amount you would waste cleaning just one trash can on your own.

“The main thing about this process is we capture all the dirty water,” Johnston said. “None of the water will go down to the storm drains and end up in our beautiful ocean.”

When the cleaning process is finished, the can is lowered down to be hand detailed. During this process, an EPA-approved deodorizer is applied to keep the garbage containers smelling fresh and clean. It’s worth noting the deodorizer has a pleasant, citrus scent and does not have a harsh chemical smell.

Finally, the trash can will be placed back either curbside or a place of your choosing in your property.

SanEtizeIT offers four very affordable service plans! Johnston recommends the once a month plan to keep the cans sanitized and smelling fresh and they also offer reliable service every two months, every three months and a one-time deep clean.

According to Johnston, “More people are home and spending a lot of time in and around their garages which is where trash cans are kept. Folks do not want to smell unsanitary trash cans stinking up the place!”

You can sign up for SanEtizeIT’s services at or call David at 760-707-9963.

Your garbage containers, family and the ocean will thank you.