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Creating A Better Tomorrow For The Next Generation

The Face of Youth Life Coaching
Nick Petro |

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Nick Petro has been working with youth around the world for more than 20 years.

As a dual college athlete himself, Nick brings a level of energy and motivation that connects with youth of today. With a background serving schools, youth organizations, and nonprofits, it was always clear that his passion was with impacting youth. As a youth pastor creating meaningful, entertaining experiences for youth, Nick had provided a unique place for youth in the organization to feel known, connected, and have fun.

Parents began asking Nick for time with their kids in additional settings, as they noticed changes in their kids from being part of his groups. As parents continued to ask Nick to work with their kids, the Nick Petro Coaching Company was formed in order to connect more personally with youth to enact change.

“Find your purpose, live on passion, live life with powerful communication” are words that Nick lives by. This motto fueled his book, The 7 Pillars that Bridge Communication, which he wrote in order to provide ways for parents to connect with their kids and work through the barriers that arise between adolescents and parents. This workbook is also utilized by the youth life coaches Nick trains across the world to more effectively coach the youth with proven methodologies and proven results.

He has spoken to more than 50,000 students nationwide, inspiring them to find the things for which they can live passionately and on purpose. One of the students he worked with experienced such a transformation that Disney+ noticed and picked up her story. After being around Coach Nick, a fire was ignited in Daniella. On a school trip to Tijuana, she saw the poverty that the local residents, who she spent time with, lived in. Daniella went on to raise enough money to fund building a home in Tijuana. She did this again, which is when Disney+ heard about her. Dynamic Daniella was featured as a comic book character through the Marvel Superhero Project. Nick seeks to bring more youth to finding their places of purpose in life – to create more superheroes.

From this passion, Nick co-founded Live MPWRD in order to create a better tomorrow for the next generation. By providing an experience-based, effective coaching curriculum to train more future youth life coaches, Live MPWRD is providing a change that is missing from current leadership for students. Nick and Live MPWRD are working to empower youth to live life in passion, on purpose, to create positive change through the MPWRD Youth Life Coaches.

“The more coaches we can train, the bigger lasting impact we can have for the next generation.”