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‘Tree Doctor’ voted Best of North County for two years in a row

The Face Of Tree Care
Russell Bowman | Bowman Plant and Tree Care


Since 1985, Russell Bowman has been delighting residents of San Diego County with his plant and tree expertise.

So, it’s no wonder Bowman Plant and Tree Care Specialists have been named the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Press’ “Best of North County” voters’ poll for tree and plant care for a 2nd year in a row!

He is lovingly referred to as the San Diego “tree doctor extraordinaire” by his clients, Bowman is known for transforming sickly trees and gardens into Disneyesque wonderlands.

Using his own proprietary blend of organic biological nutrition, Bowman feeds plants at night—a trick he picked up during his time as a horticulturist at Disneyland.

“When you feed plants at night, they have enough time to absorb the nutrition, before it is degraded by the sun’s rays.” He said. “That’s why, when most people are winding down their days, eating dinner, and going to bed, we are out feeding plants and trees.”

He’s done more than just care for sick plants and trees, he’s revolutionized both residential and commercial properties by the use of his organic fertilizer tanks that inject his magical formula through your irrigation systems.

This program reduces the households use of water overall by 30%. In a very short time, this program pays back through reduced water bills.

“When you give your body proper nutrition, it affects your overall health and boosts your immunity, so you don’t get sick. The same is true for plants and trees.” Bowman feeds complete “nutrition delivery biology” derived from earthworm castings to replenish the missing healthy soil biology.

This works with a client’s current irrigation system so that each time the landscaping is watered, the needed soil biology is replenished.

“This is the secret to keeping your property looking like a five-star resort.”

Russell is quick to point out that healthy plants and trees are also environmentally friendly. A healthy plant will be more efficient at photosynthesizing sunlight into oxygen and the healthy soil/compost helps bring down uses far less water. Bowman has had clients report a thirty percent reduction in their water bills after getting their soil healthy, while their gardens remain lush and vibrant.

Bowman’s dedication to plants is unwavering. He often finishes at 11 PM at night after feeding the trees and gardens for customers around the county.

He donates his time to teach the children how to care for trees and gardens at El Refugio Orphanage in Mexico.

He donates his time and expertise for the trees for the Point Loma Association and gardens at the Rock Church in Point Loma, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, the YMCA, Barnes Tennis Center, Chili’s Restaurants, Stone Brewery in Escondido, and San Diego Botanic Garden. He also served with the San Diego Rose Society in Balboa Park for 12 years.

“My calling is to beautify the earth, making trees and plants healthy,” The Master Gardner taught me everything I know. I’ve learned that when you love something, it’s not something you have to do; it’s something you want to do.”

To learn more about Bowman and his services, please contact Russell at 858-499-9417. He provides tree and plant nutritional care as well as ongoing routine garden maintenance.

Russell Bowman abides by all applicable state laws and requirements and does not perform any services that require a licensed contractor.

Business License B2017006153.