Jean Gillette

Grammar police

With lights flashing and sirens blaring, here come the Grammar Police again. May I see your diploma and license, please?Actually, this is not really a grammar issue. I was drummed out of the Grammar Police Department for split infinities and dangling participles. I am now a low-ranking officer in the subdivision of the Grammar Police […]

All of these electronics are draining

I have been having dreadful dreams of being neck-deep in bowls of spaghetti pasta, or having to wrestle with herds of octopi.

Getting prepared to prepare

I think we can relax now and slip back into our usual trip down denial. It’s the end of National Preparedness Month.

Give Peace a chance

We will never have world peace.

Learning to go far

If you ever need to pare life down to the basics, come hang out with some early kindergartners.

Who’s News

Guild gives money The Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild, 6004 Paseo Delicias donated $150 for the Children’s Show at the San Diego County Fair. This contribution is awarded to a student (grades K-6) whose art work has been selected by the division judges. The fair run through July 4.

Is there a spider on my head?

Is there a spider on my head? No, really, look again. I really think there’s a spider in my hair. No? Are you sure? I just felt something! OK, fine. Aaaaugh! My whole head feels like little bug feet are running sprints!

Viva la pesca!

I am trying to take the right attitude after my husband rolled in from a weekend south of Ensenada, Mexico, carrying his weight in yellowfin tuna.

A father meant for the day

Jim will awaken Sunday to his very first Father’s Day.

Start your summers — Now

I’m still behaving myself and shutting out my bedside light by 10 p.m. latest, but the rest of you are invited to start your summers now.