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New dishwasher using lots of energy

I’m writing what I hope is the last chapter of my horror story. I call it “The Dishwasher Curse.”

With full participation of Murphy’s Law, the story starts when my only-8-year-old dishwasher died. Being what seemed prudent at the time, I drove to Oceanside to a wholesale appliance store to find a new one.

This has worked for me with refrigerators, so I boldly went for something less expensive. (I dislike the term “cheap.”)

I spent an hour staring at dozens of dishwashers and finally picked one that seemed sufficient. I paid and arranged delivery for the next week.

On schedule, as the new one was installed, (tense music builds here) they determined it had a leak and was unusable. They took away my old one and left the defective one.

I had to call the next day and arrange what I thought would be a simple replacement. (Cynical music here). Oh, gee.

The outlet didn’t have any others like the one I wanted, so I would need to drive to Oceanside in 5 p.m. traffic for a third time (credit card confusion) and select another.

After a bit of thought, I realized I had no more time for that and canceled my order altogether. It took three calls to the outlet on three different days, over the course of a month, before someone actually did the return paperwork.

Each time I had, of course, been assured it was all taken care of.

I took a hiatus and did all dishes by hand again, trying to forget all this even happened. Finally, my daughter insisted I make another purchase.

This time I went straight to the home improvement store and picked out one that was definitely not wholesale.

They installed it, ran it and left. I loaded it, tried to run it and got nothing. (Crazy, monster-behind-you music here) Somewhere along the line, the door latch had failed. Picture me weeping into my dishtowel.

I finally figured out who to call and they graciously offered to replace it — in a week to 10 days. (Relieved but suspicious music here.) Will the new one arrive? Will it work? Will a poltergeist leap out of it?

Stay tuned.

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer with very wrinkled fingertips. Contact her at [email protected].

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