Jean Gillette

It’s a cruel summer

As summer approaches I face two horrible truths. I need to shop for a bathing suit and summer-weight pants.

Look out, the insects are coming

I don’t think there will be a fire, flood or storm that removes mankind from the planet.

Yeah, there’s an app for that

Hmmm, what? Just a sec. I’m in the middle of downloading another cool app.

Finding the right fit proved an epic quest

As my faithful, front yard ficus tree looked more and more strangled, I began a search for a larger pot and new home for it.

I know the cholla cactus only too well

“The desert is full of wonderful plants, including sand verbena, chuparosa and the cholla,” the article read.

I’ll never love an early alarm

Since I can’t and actually don’t want to stop working, it appears I may have to stop taking vacations. I’m enjoying them far too much.

It’s hard to leave city of Boston

I just got back from Boston and, I am smiling, as usual. What is it, do you suppose, that makes Boston such an endearing city?

What’s in a name?

I know it’s true. It’s the plot of half the TV shows I watch. Fraud is rampant in our world today and there are charlatans everywhere just waiting to rob us blind.

Losing the man who was always there for me

By the time this goes to print, I may have stopped weeping at random moments. Perhaps not. My blue-eyed, Irish, Air Force fighter pilot, 95-year-old daddy has died and there is scarcely a daughter on Earth who does not understand that special loss. I find it’s a bit like being cut loose from your support […]

I’ve still got a thing for trains

It’s cool enough to live by the ocean, but the second coolest thing around here are the trains.