Small Talk

All of these electronics are draining

I have been having dreadful dreams of being neck-deep in bowls of spaghetti pasta, or having to wrestle with herds of octopi.

Give Peace a chance

We will never have world peace.

Viva la pesca!

I am trying to take the right attitude after my husband rolled in from a weekend south of Ensenada, Mexico, carrying his weight in yellowfin tuna.

A father meant for the day

Jim will awaken Sunday to his very first Father’s Day.

Start your summers — Now

I’m still behaving myself and shutting out my bedside light by 10 p.m. latest, but the rest of you are invited to start your summers now.

It’s a cruel summer

As summer approaches I face two horrible truths. I need to shop for a bathing suit and summer-weight pants.

Yeah, there’s an app for that

Hmmm, what? Just a sec. I’m in the middle of downloading another cool app.

Finding the right fit proved an epic quest

As my faithful, front yard ficus tree looked more and more strangled, I began a search for a larger pot and new home for it.

I know the cholla cactus only too well

“The desert is full of wonderful plants, including sand verbena, chuparosa and the cholla,” the article read.

I’ll never love an early alarm

Since I can’t and actually don’t want to stop working, it appears I may have to stop taking vacations. I’m enjoying them far too much.