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Motherhood will always have its mysteries

I didn’t really need to mark March 20 as the beginning of spring. I work at a school. All I had to do was walk by a bunch of sixth-graders. There is no more accurate bellwether of the rising sap.

Stop the madness

So I’m watching March Madness with my husband and suddenly, I need a simultaneous translation.

How’s this for a cliffhanger?

I have just found additional proof that change is bad. Especially when it comes to a TV show I like.

May the ‘Con’ be with you

You know those times when you look at something relatively simple that has become iconic and think “Man, I wish I had thought of that!”? I feel that way about Comic-Con.

Small, creepy bugs

Never mind the international strife. I’m convinced we are about to be taken over by small, creepy bugs. If it isn’t the head lice at school, it’s ants at my house, inside and out.

Tide Beach access closed for repairs

SOLANA BEACH — The Tide Beach access stairs will be closed due to maintenance and repairs from 7 a.m. on March 10, until 3 p.m. March 12. The Fletcher Cove and Seascape Sur access points will remain open for public use.

Closures planned for railway

OCEANSIDE — The weekends of March 8 and March 9 and March 15 and March 16 will see rail service

New gold standard

I have become an urban legend. Not like the vanishing hitchhiker or the hook in the side of the car door or even Paul Bunyan. But I still find it a bit unsettling.

Free rides home from downtown Mardi Gras

There is no such thing as a free ride, unless you happen to be at one of San Diego’s many Mardi Gras celebrations.

Don’t blame climate for fair-weather fan-dom

This year’s Winter Olympics were great, but they left me ever more painfully aware of what a pathetic, card-carrying, fair-weather fan I am.