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Wild kingdom at her fingertips

January. The mandatory time for reflection on life and lessons learned.

Scanner rage

Road rage is old news. I suffer from scanner rage.

Number of new cocktail ingredients is sobering

It is a sad sign of the times, but apparently I am not drinking seriously enough these days. That doesn’t mean I need to drink more. It means that since I last mixed a cocktail, a whole new closet full of flavors and strange beverages have become a bartender’s staples. I thought technology was the […]

Community Calendar 12-6

Dec. 13 COME ON AND DANCE Friday Night music and dancing, is offered every Friday 7 to 11 p.m. at the Encinitas Elks Lodge, 1393 Windsor Road, Cardiff. Dance lessons are offered from 6 to 7 p.m. Cost is $10 per person at the door.

New holiday tradition is going to the elves

It’s time to break out all the Christmas traditions, stories, fables and such, and it makes me wish I still had little ones.

Save a seahorse this holiday

ENCINITAS — Consider adopting a seahorse for the holidays.

Village decks out for Small Business

CARLSBAD – Carlsbad Village is gearing up for a festive holiday season with recent street scapeimprovements and a whole host of programs and events.

Write, revise and reunite

Sometimes, emails and texts can be a dicey area. You can answer immediately, but that’s unwise. Parents generally use the luxury of several versions before they push the send button, and rule No. 1 is “Never, ever send your first draft.”

Free weekend parking in Del Mar

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Reality is so annoying

When we made the impulse decision to buy a hot tub, all I could think about were long soaks chatting with friends and sipping wine. Reality is so annoying.