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Change comes for my garbage

I am having to retrain and be retrained. I hate learning curves.

Several local cities are changing up who picks up the trash and each pickup company has differing rules. I believe we have had the same trash removal company for the 30 years I have lived here.

I worked like a dog to follow all the changing guidelines as recycling got serious. I have repeatedly and verbally beaten my family over the head with what may go in the recycle bag and what must go in the trash.

Even with the helpful flyer posted, which spells it all out clearly, they still struggle.

And now things are changing again.

All this shouldn’t be a big deal, and we get shiny, clean trash cans, but it all requires a different approach.

We are now required to put all dirty paper and food scraps with yard waste instead of landfill. I truly do not think my family will ever get this right. As always, I get to be the heavy, reminding and reminding them all.

It requires that we stop and think hard, every time we start to toss something in the “trash.” For me, this easily and completely derails whatever task was at hand. And indoor trash now requires two separate containers in every room.

I may just roll the trash cans indoors. That’s such a classy look.

Meanwhile, as summer approaches, we are cleaning up the backyard. We have enough branches and leaves to fill the Grand Canyon, never mind adding all the used facial tissues our allergies produce, bamboo plates and food bits.

I had just gotten a third bin to help move out the bags and bags of backyard detritus. The new guys only gave me two. Things are piling up.

I want to put shrieking alarms on all household trash cans to remind my family to think about what is being thrown where.

I’m also stocking up on rubber gloves for sorting through all the trash every week. It’s going to be a sticky, noisy summer.

Jean Gillette is a freelance writer who wants to mention that change is bad and a little exhausting. Contact her at [email protected].