Jean Gillette

Finding stories in humility

I just realized that my life is a bit upside down. Whenever some mortifying disaster strikes, my first thought is “Well, I can get a good column out of that!” I suppose it helps me to see a bright side of things, but it almost leaves me regretting weeks when life runs smoothly.

Spa day not-so-tranquil

As my neck cramped up midday Friday, a light came on in my aching head. I remembered I had a lovely spa gift card just waiting to be used.

Microwave’s wonders never cease

Oh, great. My house stinks of burned cookies — again.

It ain’t easy being a librarian

I know. Being a librarian sounds like the perfect job. You spend all day surrounded by glorious books and handing them out to smiling youngsters. It seems all sunshine and rainbows, crisp covers and slick typefaces. But there is a dark side to it all, a side laced with pain that few see or understand. […]

Look, but don’t eat

I am pretty certain I know what grounds are listed on Martha Stewart’s divorce papers. I’ll bet her husband kept eating her centerpieces. She no doubt married, as I did, a fellow at home in the garden. It seemed a positive trait at the time. My spouse was raised in rural settings, always with a […]