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Oceanside FiberCity® — it’s more than just a gig of internet

Oceanside FiberCity® is a superfast, open access, fiber internet network that is being built right now, throughout Oceanside. Privately funded by SiFi Networks, this full fiber network will deliver a high speed, reliable connection to homes and businesses.

A SiFi Networks’ FiberCity® such as the one being built in Oceanside is not just about superfast gig internet for homes and businesses. The network brings a whole host of other benefits to the community.

Smart city prospects

The network is set to digitally future proof Oceanside. This expansive fiber installation project lays important infrastructure throughout the community allowing the city to take advantage of smart city technology now and in the future. Smart cities are connected cities, cities that use their fiber infrastructure to achieve long term objectives such as to improve traffic congestion and pollution through smart traffic signals and smart parking, optimize their waste or smart water management plan or help to introduce renewable energy programs, a strategic move towards creating resilient, efficient, and future-ready urban ecosystems. The possibilities are endless, and importantly achievable with a fiber infrastructure.

Economic development

A FiberCity® network can become the backbone of economic development, often enabling the local economy to boom. Fiber connectivity attracts new businesses as well as helps existing businesses to thrive and compete at a greater level than ever before, and with new and growing businesses comes new opportunities for residents to prosper.

A fiber infrastructure is also a game changer for education as it provides greater access to resources, alternative educational means and the ability to use the latest tech. Healthcare services can also be enhanced through virtual appointments and greater in-home patient observation through data collection, to name just some of the benefits.

Digital divide

FiberCity® networks also help to close the digital divide, an inequality in connectivity amongst our society that is prevalent across the country. In 2021, the Pew Research Center reported that 7% of Americans, approximately 23 million people do not use the Internet and 23% do not have access to a broadband connection at home. Our FiberCity® networks help bridge this divide and bring greater digital equity to the community.

FiberCities® are shaping communities, bringing prosperity, sustainability and a brighter future. For more information on the Oceanside FiberCity® project please visit:

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