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a street view along Paseo Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe. California-based internet provider Race Communications is bringing 10G internet to the unincoporated community. Courtesy photo
A street view of Paseo Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe. California-based internet provider Race Communications is bringing 10G internet to the unincorporated community. Courtesy photo
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California internet provider bringing 10G to Rancho Santa Fe

RANCHO SANTA FE — A California-based internet service provider will soon begin installing infrastructure to bring 10G internet speeds to Rancho Santa Fe residents and businesses.

Race Communications was the first internet provider to bring 10G to California after installing services in Lancaster in January 2023.

“Since then, we have deployed the new technology to many of our other communities, including Desert Hot Springs, Tulare and Farmersville,” said Director of Marketing Kaitlin Colston. “This technology will be offered in most of our new markets moving forward.

Rancho Santa Fe will be Race’s first 10G internet community in San Diego County, with 2,050 homes and businesses in Rancho Santa Fe set to receive installation services beginning in June. 

“This groundbreaking technology will connect residents to more opportunities and future-proof the community for years to come,” said Carlos Alcantar, Race’s chief technology officer.

The term “10G” refers to a broadband network capability that uses fiber optic cables to deliver internet services. The “G” in 10G stands for gigabits per second, which is a measure of data transfer speed.

10G internet speed is unrelated to the 5G wireless technology used in cell phones and other mobile devices. Colston said that 10G uses light-based data transmission in fiber optics, which is completely different from 5G, a wireless connection that operates using radiofrequency (RF) radiation to transmit data over the air.

“Some people have expressed concerns about potential health risks from exposure to RF radiation, although scientific consensus and regulatory agencies like the FCC and WHO have found that the levels emitted by 5G networks are within safe limits,” Colston said. “Fiber optic cables use light to transmit data, which does not involve RF radiation. Therefore, concerns associated with RF radiation in 5G do not apply to 10G. Light-based data transmission in fiber optics completely differs from RF-based wireless communication and does not pose the same health concerns.”

According to Colston, Race has a “great partnership” with Rancho Santa Fe, where it began building up its infrastructure in 2018. With the existing fiber network already in place underground, current customers can call in to begin their equipment upgrade for 10G speeds. 

“The partnership and desire to bring the residents the latest technological advancements made it the perfect community to begin offering our future-proof 10-Gpbs fiber internet,” Colston said. “Residents will benefit from a faster connection, allowing them to stream more, browse faster and connect to more devices.”

Race is one of the few internet service providers currently offering 10G internet, which is limited in availability partly due to how new the technology is. 

“Our research shows we are the only provider in our service areas, Rancho Santa Fe included, to offer this speed,” Colston said. “What sets us apart is our all-fiber network’s capability to harness the power of 10G, while other ISPs have a long way to go in rebuilding their copper networks. Many providers are still only in the testing phases for 10G technology.”

Rancho Santa Fe residents interested in signing up for Race 10G internet speeds can place pre-orders for services by new customers and will work with Race’s installation crews to get connected to the fiber network. Any resident of RSF can place a pre-order for services by visiting or calling 877-691-3330. 

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