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NTENTION TALK: Your health is vital

As my family and I have recovered from COVID-19 for the first time in three years, I am reminded of the importance of basic health. Our bodies don’t always match our mind’s expectations. We really can’t always keep going. We do need to rest, sleep and drink water.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m often caught up with the current moment of life, the rush, and the expectations, and I typically don’t pause to ask how my body is. So instead of needing to slow down and take better care of all of myself, here are some tips I plan to try.
1. Daily movement or exercise. Anytime you move your body, you disconnect from your mind. You ground yourself back into the body and release feel-good chemicals and oxygen to your cells.
2. Focus on my breathing. Throughout the day, I plan to be more conscientious about my breathing. If I can focus on deeper breathing to settle my system, those amazing feel-good chemicals get released again. Win. Win.
3. Get outdoors in the elements. Whether the snow is falling, it’s raining, or sunny, get outside and pay attention to everything your senses can pick up. Don’t underestimate the importance that simple elements like air, fire, water, and earth can bring you. Your body is also made of these.
Reconnect with this instinctual experience by leaving your phone inside and being outdoors. These may seem simple, or like you already do them, but if you put your intention behind the actions, you’ll feel a deep sense of connection.


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