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New Year's Resolutions
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New year’s resolutions by Dr. Kern Brar

New year’s resolutions are a great way to improve your life. I believe each of us has the willpower to improve our health. We can resolve to improve one aspect, and by doing so, we can achieve great success.

An advisor recently mentioned that saving seven dollars and investing that daily for 50 years with the power of compounding can make any individual a millionaire assuming 7% returns annually. I believe the same is true for your health, each meal we choose to eat or not eat will affect our body and our health in a similar compounding fashion.

I have patients who drink just one can of soda a day. Some go to their favorite fast-food drive-through to order a sandwich 5 times a week. Some go to their favorite coffee shop and indulge in a double mocha caramel cappuccino every day and some go to their home bar and have 2 glasses of wine every evening.

Just a 50 or 100% decrease in these unhealthy habits can lead to a significant benefit in just one month. Consuming 30 cans of soda, 20 sandwiches, 30 cappuccinos and 60 glasses of wine is a lot of calories, but also a very expensive lifestyle to maintain.

This expense is a short-term monetary expense that is often overlooked. It can turn out to be a more costly health expense over the years. Eventually, this lifestyle may lead to significant weight gain and may lead down a path towards hypertension, diabetes and possibly a heart attack or stroke.

Cutting some or all of these unhealthy habits will result in significant improvement in your overall health. Some of my patients work two jobs and felt going to a fast-food drive-through was their only option for meals because of their busy schedules. I work with my patients to help make nutritious healthy options for meals that are most importantly filling, high in fiber, low in sugar and easy to make.

I urge you to think about 2022 and resolve to improve one thing in your life, and if it happens to be your health, I would be happy to help you in your quest in 2022. Come see us at Tri-City Primary Care at our Vista location or online via Tele-medicine at your convenience and we wish you a Happy New Year!

Dr. Kern Brar is a board-certified internal medicine physician who lives in north county and has helped hundreds of patients lose weight with medically monitored weight loss. Dr. Brar prefers a natural approach to health, is a partner at Tri-City Primary Care and has a new location opening in Carlsbad in early 2022.