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Reading Without Limits can help students improve their reading skills in a matter of a few months rather than over the course of several years. Courtesy photo
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Dyslexia cure found: Patent pending, parents and students stoked

Up until now, students with Dyslexia have had to live with their reading disability. This is no longer true.

A Carlsbad eye doctor has discovered a new treatment for Dyslexia that works faster and more efficiently than anything else out there.  The treatment is so unique that a patent is pending on the process.

Unlike most treatments for Dyslexia and other reading disabilities, Dr. David Bloch’s Reading Without Limits program has been helping students improve their reading skills in a matter of a few months rather than over the course of several years.

Traditionally, when we learn to read, we are asked to sound out words that we don’t know.  Most treatments for Dyslexia continue to use this phonics based approach, but Dr. Bloch says that isn’t the right solution.

People with Dyslexia actually have a disconnect between their auditory and visual processing systems.

“They don’t need help with sounds,” Dr. Bloch said. “They know the sounds, they just don’t see words correctly.” 

Those with Dyslexia see words jumbled, reversed or transposed, causing confusion and poor reading comprehension.

Dr. Bloch’s method doesn’t ask students to sound words out. Believe it or not, it also doesn’t use phonics, sight reading, picture books or verbal cues.

“Most people say this is impossible until they see me demonstrate it,” Dr. Bloch said.

Dr. Bloch uses a series of drills to reprogram a reader’s visual and cognitive processing. It works much like reloading software into a computer, so he refers to it as “a brain reboot.”

Unfortunately, many people with Dyslexia fail to find the right program to improve their reading skills. They will spend years struggling to read proficiently. But with Dr. Bloch’s new treatment, they could be reading several grade levels ahead of where they were in just months.

Erin McGough, a teacher in the region with a Masters in Reading and Language Arts, first found out about the program on Facebook.  Her child was diagnosed with Dyslexia and struggles with reading. Though her child is making progress through extra support from the school, it wasn’t enough.  McGough needed to find more to help improve her child’s reading skills.

At first skeptical about the program, McGough is now quite impressed with how well it works. She explained that Dr. Bloch picks apart words and associates those word pieces with other words students already know.

“His technique is something that I have never seen before,” McGough said.

Jen Lopez, a special education teacher in the region, has noticed an improvement in her daughter’s reading abilities after recently starting the program.

Though her daughter isn’t diagnosed with Dyslexia, she tends to read slower and often backtrack and re-read words. Since starting the program, Lopez has seen significant improvement in her daughter’s word recognition abilities.

“It’s really interesting to see how he approaches breaking down the words and decoding them,” Lopez said.

Lopez added that she thinks Dr. Bloch’s Reading Without Limits program is “a more effective approach than what we’re using in the school system.”

Get more information by visiting or schedule an evaluation by calling 760-730-3711.

Dr. Bloch’s office is located at 2814 Roosevelt St. Suite B, Carlsbad, CA. 92008.


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