Life, Liberty and Leadership

Council needs to keep public aware

The Encinitas city council must start informing the public of budgetary problems and financial shortfalls as soon as they know they exist.

City’s new approach to funding park isn’t responsible

In the State of the City address given earlier this year, Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks said Encinitas was in great financial shape.

Regarding the facts of column

In last week’s community commentary “How about sticking to the facts, Mr. Audet” I could find no examples of where the claims I made in my column “Credibility Counts, even for cities” were wrong.

In praise of the arts

If you’ve been to Encinitas city hall you’ve probably met Cynthia Miller without knowing it.

Lagoon conservancy needs our help

There’s a buzz in North County these days on the subject of preserving community character.

Thankful to those who paid the price for our freedom

When life moves it’s important to pay attention.

Credibility counts, even for cities

I believe the city of Encinitas has lost credibility on the issue called GPU (General Plan Update.) Residents don’t trust the process or like the proposed changes.

There’s no lemon law for cities

When I went to buy my first car, my dad Hank told me to look under the hood. That nugget of wisdom meant I shouldn’t believe what was I told and that I should check the facts.

Just who will benefit from Citizen Satisfaction Survey?

The Encinitas City Council recently approved an agenda item to spend up to $66,000 for three Citizens Satisfaction Surveys to run through 2016 with the first survey to cost $20,000.

Mayoral power ploy doesn’t belong here in Encinitas

At last week’s Encinitas council meeting Mayor Jerome Stocks and Deputy Mayor Kristin Gaspar hoped to pass a change in city policy that would have installed Gaspar as mayor for a two-year term without a vote of the people. I expect these types of power grabs from third world dictators not in my own backyard.