Andrew Audet

It’s not a left or right thing

Encinitas City Council elections are non-partisan.

Council needs to keep public aware

The Encinitas city council must start informing the public of budgetary problems and financial shortfalls as soon as they know they exist.

Regarding the facts of column

In last week’s community commentary “How about sticking to the facts, Mr. Audet” I could find no examples of where the claims I made in my column “Credibility Counts, even for cities” were wrong.

How about sticking to facts, Mr. Audet

It’s hard to say how long I have been reading The Coast News, but it has been a few years.

In praise of the arts

If you’ve been to Encinitas city hall you’ve probably met Cynthia Miller without knowing it.

Lagoon conservancy needs our help

There’s a buzz in North County these days on the subject of preserving community character.

Thankful to those who paid the price for our freedom

When life moves it’s important to pay attention.

Benefiting from mindfulness

Principles are beliefs requiring actions to guide behavior. Our principles and the principles of elected leaders are key components to life, liberty and leadership.

Election year is here, use your ballot

The 2012 Encinitas City Council race is underway. This week Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks sent an unsolicited email “newsletter” to residents. Stocks had previously never sent residents a newsletter. With his future at stake it appears he decided maybe he should. In doing so he may have shot himself in the foot.Some residents wondered how […]

City council should ‘Envision the View’

In Encinitas major decisions impacting the city’s 60,000 residents need to be placed on the ballot for a public vote. Certain actions like buying and selling real estate, public debt, zoning changes and major capital projects need to be approved by the people, not a three-person council majority.