Life, Liberty and Leadership

Houlihan’s legacy put the community first

As a Councilwoman, Maggie Houlihan gave Encinitas an elected leader who put the interests of the community before special interests. Whether one agreed or disagreed with her voting record, few questioned that she made decisions that she felt best served the community, using her integrity to put what she thought was the public good before […]

The Cardiff Kook gets political

Sure, many of us laugh at the “Cardiff Kook” and his antics. His Michael Jackson Thriller Tribute, his Oprah send off, the attack of the great white shark and his pterodactyl lift off — he’s survived them all. Now that it looks like the Kook is getting political, perhaps he next be writing his memoirs, […]

Do we take our liberty for granted?

Living here in North County I am reminded of the sacrifices our Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Infantrymen make when I drive through Pendleton, over to Coronado, pass the MCRD, or the Miramar base. I owe them, and those before them, an immense debt. I sometimes feel I have not paid the smallest price for the […]

Pacific View Elementary School needs an appraisal

Encinitas residents deserve to know the true value of the Pacific View Elementary School site before any action concerning the site is taken by the City Council or the Encinitas Unified School District (EUSD). Until an independent appraisal is made available to the public, the community doesn’t know what the property is worth. The 2.8 […]

The short end of the stick: What did we learn from Cummins vs. Encinitas?

Leaders like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were fed up with an aristocratic government that ignored them. When their calls for participatory government fell on deaf ears, they took action. As my dad would say, “they were tired of getting the short end of the stick.” A similar struggle for participatory government is happening in […]

Encinitas and its ARTful dodgers

After the city heard the recommendations for use of community grants and then offered half of what was asked for, some residents are asking, “Where are our tax dollars going?” Encinitas has a program where the city grants money to support community groups out of the general fund. A panel of residents makes recommendations on […]

How Cardiff residents saved the town

As Cardiff-by-the-Sea turns 100 it’s worth remembering that the Cardiff that is, almost wasn’t. Cardiff is the result of “small town zoning.” Commercial buildings in the six-block district can only cover 30 to 40 percent of the lot and have a two-story height limit. Setbacks keep the streets wide and views protected. The zoning prevents […]

Deputy Mayor sidesteps the issues

Encinitas Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks wrote against my column, “The Encinitas Silver Anniversary Blues,” last week in the June 24 edition of The Coast News. His comments claimed that my column was based solely on exaggerations, and that I unfairly singled him out when it came to decisions made by the City Council. However, what […]

‘Encinitas Silver Anniversary Blues’ simply the product of exaggerations

(Editor’s note: Encinitas Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks asked for the opportunity to address some of the assertions made in Andrew Audet’s column, “We’ve got the Encinitas Silver Anniversary Blues,” which ran in the June 3 edition of The Coast News. We have printed Mr. Stocks’ comments as they were provided to us.) Audet writes: “We […]

Dad, Cap and the ‘Surfing Madonna’

The other day, as I drove by the “Surfing Madonna,” I thought of my dad and our dog named Cap. I think of my dad Hank most every day. My father is my best teacher. He is honest, hard working and humble. He puts family, community and others first. He lives by a code of […]