City OKs investment in community lab

City OKs investment in community lab

CARLSBAD — At the Jan. 29 meeting, City Council agreed to invest in a community laboratory and life sciences incubator by approving a five-year agreement for Bio, Tech, and Beyond, LLC to lease the city-owned building at 2351 Faraday Ave. for $1 per year. 

Council needs to keep public aware

The Encinitas city council must start informing the public of budgetary problems and financial shortfalls as soon as they know they exist.

In praise of the arts

If you’ve been to Encinitas city hall you’ve probably met Cynthia Miller without knowing it.

Thankful to those who paid the price for our freedom

When life moves it’s important to pay attention.

Credibility counts, even for cities

I believe the city of Encinitas has lost credibility on the issue called GPU (General Plan Update.) Residents don’t trust the process or like the proposed changes.

City council should ‘Envision the View’

In Encinitas major decisions impacting the city’s 60,000 residents need to be placed on the ballot for a public vote. Certain actions like buying and selling real estate, public debt, zoning changes and major capital projects need to be approved by the people, not a three-person council majority.

Residents must have say on General Plan

Del Mar and Encinitas officials are rewriting city zoning to promote high-density mixed-use development. If approved the changes could cede local control of zoning to state bureaucrats, increase traffic, destroy community character and reduce quality of life. Del Mar officials call it “revitalization.”

10 years later, and still no Hall Park

Youth sports teach personal ownership for actions.  As a boy, when I prepared to play for the Little League championship my dad Hank and our coach Mr. Moody told us kids “Excuses don’t win championships.” I thought of my dad as I watched Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks being interviewed by Michael Turko on KUSI who […]