Life, Liberty and Leadership

Focused leadership produces results

I think past Encinitas City Councils often lost focus on the needs of residents.

Housing plans for cities are problematic

Last Saturday I walked my dogs along the bluff in Del Mar at Seagrove Park.

State’s budget woes worsen

News this week that California tax receipts are down is not surprising.

What are you reading?

As children we learn reading is important but sometimes as an adult I forget the joy that can come from delving into a really good book.

It’s not a left or right thing

Encinitas City Council elections are non-partisan.

Thanking heroes past and present for our freedom

This Veterans Day I am reminded of one of my favorite Revolutionary War heroes and his leadership.

City’s character is at stake

This election is critical for the future of Encinitas and the three big issues are community character, responsible spending and city council ethics.

Sign violations are a big deal

Last week Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks and Council Member Mark Muir were caught on videotape at night illegally placing campaign signs to gain an unfair advantage in the election.

Encinitas needs your vote

This week Encinitas absentee ballots go out.

‘80% of success is showing up’

Academy award winner Woody Allen famously said that, “80 percent of success is showing up.”