General Plan Update

Carlsbad considers additional developments for General Plan

CARLSBAD — When city staff presented information regarding the status and schedule of the Envision Carlsbad General Plan Update to City Council on Oct. 15, questions were raised about land use changes.

Solana Beach looking to change laws

SOLANA BEACH — Laws addressing food trucks, firearms, signage and story poles are among several that could be changed as council members continue to update the city’s general plan.

GPAC presents on General Plan Update

ENCINITAS — The General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) recommended places where housing could be built within the city at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting.

Encinitas Planning Commission presents on General Plan Update

ENCINITAS — The Planning Commission, one of the groups reviewing the General Plan Update, presented its recommendations at Wednesday night’s Council meeting.

Council tables General Plan Update action

Council tables General Plan Update action

ENCINITAS — Councilmembers voted unanimously Wednesday night not to act on any information related to the General Plan Update until after they’ve had a chance to revisit their objectives for the process.

Encinitas City Council will weigh in on ERAC vacancies at later date

ENCINITAS — The Council voted 4-0 to table discussion until Jan. 9 on ERAC’s (Element Review Advisory Committee) vacancy and the minimum number of people necessary to conduct meetings.

Council to hear reports on General Plan Update

ENCINITAS — Four reports will be given to City Council during the next few months by various groups that are reviewing the General Plan Update, a blueprint that will guide development and land use over the next several decades.

Solana Beach continues general plan update

SOLANA BEACH — Preserving private property rights, minimizing government-imposed development fees and redeveloping the train station are priorities for future housing needs, according to public input provided as Solana Beach works to update its general plan.

Council directs another shift in general plan update

ENCINITAS — The City Council received a staff report on the progress of the general plan update but asked for significant changes to be made to updating the various elements of the city’s blueprint.

Committee continues discussions over city’s future housing

ENCINITAS — The General Plan Advisory Committee, (GPAC) met Monday to discuss mapping out the city’s future affordable housing placement.