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Broad Street Dough Co. fans, clockwise from upper left, Rocio Fleckenstein, Eric Nicoll, Joseph Drambarean, Bryan Mineo and Lena Ropp. Photo courtesy Lick the Plate
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Lick the Plate: Customer love for Broad Street Dough Co.

Every time I’ve stopped by Broad Street Dough Co. (BSDC) for some of their fabulous coffee and doughnuts, I noticed something I’ve not experienced at other doughnut joints. There is a strong sense of energy and excitement among the patrons. I should note that the patrons spanned a wide cross-section of humanity, from old school doughnut-loving folks to some who looked way too healthy to be indulging in such a manner.

I struck up some conversations with a few and found their passion and joy for BSDC ranged from health-related to just general excitement for this “next generation” doughnut shop. I decided to follow up with a few of them and let them share their love for BSDC and a bit about themselves.

I’ll start things off with Lena Ropp, founder of PureVeganFood, plant-based chef, recipe developer, food stylist, healthy living educator, author and social media influencer in Encinitas. Lena is a mom to a family of four and one furry puppy.

She describes her ventures like this. “I inspire my 250K+ followers on @pureveganfood through the art of food since 2014. I create delicious, high vibe plant-based meals & desserts by using the purest, wholesome ingredients and passionate about spreading awareness for the beauty of a plant-based lifestyle and helping my followers to stay motivated in creating positive changes that promote healing through healthy, conscious lifestyle choices.”

That vegan lifestyle translates perfectly to BSDC and goes like this: “My vegan family loves Broad Street doughnuts! They have over 40 different doughnuts on their everyday menu, plus numerous specials daily. Their vegan variety is so awesome! We ordered vegan custom-made doughnuts for two birthdays and everyone was so amazed how fresh, delicious and pretty they were.” Agreed Lena, I don’t know how they do it, but it works!

Some of you may be familiar with Rocio Fleckenstein Gonzalez from Lady Pirate Products from a recent Lick the Plate column that focused on her fermented delights. She describes Lady Pirate as “A local chef-owned business that makes fermented foods using local produce with highest quality and flavor in mind. We are on a mission to bring delicious, fermented foods to everyone and provide a way for you to enjoy the health benefits and enhance your meals with flavor first.

“Our best seller is Kimchi Rojo, a Korean-inspired kimchi that took me two years to perfect. Kimchi, sauerkraut and pickles are available online at and at Rancho Santa Fe and Leucadia Farmers Markets on Sundays. You can also head to Specialty Produce and check out some products on their retail shelf and we deliver all over San Diego every week.”

Rocio loves BSDC for the way Joe and his staff make you feel at home when you walk through their doors. “The donuts are the best and they are this cool next-generation donut shop with a creative menu that is executed excellently. Customer service is amazing. Gluten-free and vegan options so donuts for everyone.” Nice description of BSDC, calling it a next-generation doughnut shop, Rocio!

From a fermented products entrepreneur to a high-tech CTO, Joseph Drambarean, with a San Diego-based company called Trovata. They make it easy for businesses to automate cash reporting, forecasting, and analysis by bridging the gap between banks and accounting systems. Trovata helps companies gain powerful insights into their cash flows that drive better and quicker business decisions. With direct APIs with most major banks, new clients can get set up quickly with no legacy implementation or IT required. Check them out at

This high-flying CTO had some great things to say about BSDC as well. “They have amazing made-to-order donuts with the best toppings, really a throwback to some of the places on the east coast. I love Joe and his staff! They give amazing service and are so creative. My wife Dana and I visit pretty much every weekend without fail, and highly recommend them.” Good stuff Joseph, and my business is taking a serious look at Trovata!

Brand consultant Eric Nicoll, founder of The Mandala Group, is another Encinitas local. He describes the Mandala Group like this; “After a tough medical diagnosis over a decade ago, it revealed the pre-cursors to diabetes and heart disease, both very prevalent in my family. Ever since then, I was on the hunt for a true consumer brand of all-natural products that spanned all the aisles of a traditional grocery store. I found one and quickly saddled up with a major US manufacturer of over 500 exclusive wellness products and have made a business out of marketing their brand.”

That natural products theme translated easily to BSDC for Eric. “Being a novice baker and a lover of pastries myself, finding gluten-free and vegan baked goods was tough. I stumbled into Broad Street Dough Co. located in downtown Encinitas and instantly fell in love with everything about their brand. Fresh, natural ingredients, creative flavors and even vegan and gluten-free options that put all others I have tried to shame … and I have tried a lot of them. Joseph and his team at Broad Street have set the bar extremely high and I encourage everyone to visit their store. One donut and your tastebuds will thank you … trust me.”

I’ll wrap up this BSDC love fest with another local, worthy organization called One With the Ocean, a nonprofit based in Encinitas with the president and founder Bryan Mineo. Their mission is simple: “improving humans’ relationship with the ocean.” They offer weekly open water swims, beach cleanups and free swim lessons to underserved populations. They have over 3,500 members spread across 16 chapters in the US, from Hawaii to Boston. Check them out at

Bryan had some serious accolades for BSDC: “Broad Street is the local, community-focused donut shop you see in movies or in your dreams. The build-your-own approach makes the experience all the more fun. Broad Street is hands down the best place to grab some treats in North County.”

And there you have it folks, a diverse cross-section of folks who love what’s going on at Broad Street Dough Co. I think you should check them out as well. BSDC is located at 967 South Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas. More at