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ChatGPT: AI artificial intelligence
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Let’s ChatGPT about artificial intelligence

A computer guy approached me today to ask my opinion about ChatGPT. I wasn’t very complimentary.

For those who missed it, ChatGPT is artificial intelligence that’s quickly garnering attention for articulate answers across many subjects. Chatbots mimic human conversation, but the more versatile ChatGPT writes and debugs computer programs; composes music, teleplays, fairy tales, poetry, song lyrics, and student essays; answers test questions; and plays games like tic-tac-toe.

So I asked ChatGPT two questions: “Describe the color black” (generating 127 words I’d expect from an encyclopedia) and “I need to sell a hamburger” which produced an answer from a Marketing 101 class.

This technology supposedly promises to write original content for marketing and other applications. Colleges are watching carefully to ensure computers aren’t writing term papers, and some marketers are using AI for their social media.

Sounding like Mr. Data? The developer freely admits this app generates incorrect information, produces harmful instructions and biased content, and has limited knowledge of the world after 2021.

AI knows which words to string together…sometimes. It works cheap, never sleeps, and doesn’t complain…all compelling arguments.

Only there’s no independent thought, critically evaluated information, different perspectives considered, or individual judgment for reaching conclusions. In short, you won’t get anything original.

So have you really accomplished anything? Arguably, 1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters may eventually get you Shakespeare, but how hard must you work first?

AI can analyze millions of medical records, predicting impact of lifestyle, diet, and geography on someone’s health risks. Yet, just as no machine can replace the doctor-patient relationship, so too is there inestimable value from the human experience that creates more effective communications.

Merely putting every word into a database and hoping a story comes out is unlikely. You still need someone, not something, to craft those words properly.

Furthermore, even if you successfully get something intelligible, it’s sure to take on a certain sameness over time.

You must have real people, real experience, feelings, and a spark of creativity and original thought.

When you can duplicate THAT…then let’s talk.

Because while machines can wash dishes, move us great distances, and increase our productivity, they’ll never stop mid-sentence to describe a gorgeous flower or a tweeting bird.

They can’t do everything. And we shouldn’t expect them to.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.Talk with a REAL person at Read more Ask Mr. Marketing.