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Intentional Living: Creating mindful discussions with your loved ones

Our company, 4NTENT,  is excited to announce our new collaborative partnership with Coast News Group to offer you, the readership, purpose-driven health, and wellness content.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with monthly tips on how to live a life full of NTENTION.

Get the latest on mindful living, active lifestyle changes, nutrition, fitness, and giving back opportunities in your community.

Our content is NTENTIONALLY formatted to be efficient and provide you with specific content to make applied lifestyle changes.

We hope you find a connection with us and seek to continue to grow as better humans, stronger families, and responsible caregivers throughout our communities!

Each month, you’ll have an NTENTION to focus on which will include tips and ideas on how to engage your greatest self as a unique human, parent, spouse, friend, and partner to others in the most meaningful ways.


To live with NTENTION is to follow a carefully built design for your life. You do this by being mindful of the decisions you choose to make.

Consider the daily small things you are doing and make sure they align with your values and have meaning behind them.

For example, how are you creating space and availability to make important people in your life feel understood?

Here’s our NTENTION of the month to help guide you through this process.

MONTHLY NTENTION: Building Purpose

Designate 15-20 minutes each day to encourage and create space for loved ones to talk about or learn from you about the changes in the world around them. Use the following statements of validation to help guide your process.

You matter.

Your dreams matter.

Your voice matters.

You are filled with unlimited potential.

Your differences are what make all of humanity beautiful. Encourage asking of questions. Model compassion and emotional availability.

For more on our supports and services, and to join our NTENTION Setter community, visit us at or follow us on Instagram, @4NTENT.

Marc and Angie Rosenberg with son Wynter. Courtesy photo

Angie Rosenberg

I believe in delivering collaborative health care through ntentional lifestyle coaching.

I’m passionate about eating nutritional foods, daily exercise, living life outdoors, and sharing the healing power of music.

I strive to empower clients to move beyond life’s challenges to a life full of passion, purpose, and empowerment.

I’ve worked in hospital and treatment settings my entire career and saw the demand for preventative and educational services.

We’d be honored to support you in living out your goals, providing you with the right tools to be the best version of yourself.

Marc Rosenberg

My passion for optimal health, active fitness, and whole-body wellness have played a prominent role in my maturation process as a wellness enthusiast.

I believe in integrative treatment including holistic care to best align clients with their growth process.

Throughout my journey, I have had the fortune of working with creative and passionate minds in the sports and wellness communities.

I have experienced the missing pieces to personalized care are affordability, efficiency, and deliverable objectives.

I look forward to empowering your journey.