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Finding stories in humility

I just realized that my life is a bit upside down. Whenever some mortifying disaster strikes, my first thought is “Well, I can get a good column out of that!” I suppose it helps me to see a bright side of things, but it almost leaves me regretting weeks when life runs smoothly.I do seem to get more opportunities to embarrass myself than the average gal. There are those who might say I have no pride. I will do most anything for a laugh. Plus I am clumsy and accident-prone as I race through life with my hair on fire.

This week began with my absolutely failing to see a tipped-over speed cone with broken PVC pipe attached. I was carefully avoiding another cone when I ran smack over the tipped one. It was in a school parking lot. It made a lot of noise. I was surrounded by parents and children. One of them even got down on her hands and knees to pull the thing out from under my car. It was thoroughly embarrassing, which, of course, made it funny. It could get hilarious if the dealer finds I have done serious damage to my undercarriage.

Next, I felt myself cringe just a little when a mom from school shared that every time her daughter goes to ballet class across from my big-windowed exercise center, she stops to peek in and see if Mrs. G is in the middle of her aerobics dance class. I was beginning to relax there, having perhaps a bit too much fun doing rumba steps or a Latin walk to a blaring JLo song.

When faced with the prospect that anyone beyond my fellow workout mates might see me shake my groove thang as sweat drips off my nose, I got a little panicky. And then I laughed out loud. To further calm myself, I thought of the marvelous Carol Burnett, who made physical comedy an art. Perhaps I just need a good wig.

Maybe a mustache?