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Encinitas incumbents continue to raise more cash than challengers

ENCINITAS — The City of Encinitas has released the second round of campaign statements for the 2020 mayoral and city council district elections, which continue to show a difference between cash raised by incumbents versus challengers’ earnings.

Summarizing the financial transactions of each campaign between July 1 and September 19, all documents are available on the city’s Public Records Archive for viewing.

The Coast News previously published Encinitas campaign financial statements spanning January 1 to June 30.

The current campaign disclosure statements list monetary contributions received this period and to date, as well as expenditures made, current cash statements, outstanding debts and donor lists.

In summary, current Mayor Catherine Blakespear received $11,424.82 more in total contributions than her challenger, Julie Thunder, this second period.

Additionally, District 2 candidate Susan Turney received $1,808.6 more than the incumbent, Deputy Mayor Kellie Hinze. Councilman Tony Kranz raised $7,369 more than his District 1 challenger Alex Riley.

All candidates with the exception of Thunder submitted financial statements to the City on September 24. Thunder’s financial statement was submitted one day later than the city-appointed deadline.

The Coast News reached out to each candidate, offering the opportunity to comment on their fundraising efforts as well as the feelings one month out from the election on November 3.

Catherine Blakespear, Mayor (Incumbent)

Contributions Received This Period: $38,524

Contributions Received To Date: $79,959

Expenditures Made This Period: $14,572.13

“I’m gratified by the broad support in Encinitas for my re-election, as evidenced by the more than 620 individual donors to my campaign so far who believe in my ability to make sound decisions on behalf of all our residents.

It’s clear from our campaign’s nearly 2-1 lead in donations that we’re in a strong position to communicate our message of a continued positive, solutions-oriented approach; rejecting the misinformation and backward-facing vision my opponent has for our city.”

Julie Thunder, Mayor (Challenger)

Contributions Received This Period: $27,099.18

Contributions Received To Date: $48,823.88

Expenditures Made This Period: $12,529.79

“Everywhere I go, I’m hearing from people that they’re ready for a refresh of the way our City is run.  It’s humbling to see so many have contributed as little as $5, and up to $500, to support change. Nearly half of my donations are less than $100, which is indicative of the real grassroots base of this movement.  My opponent accepted a lot from developers and there are three PACs supporting her, one of them is funded by even more developers.”

Tony Kranz, District 1 (Incumbent)

Contributions Received This Period: $11,274

Contributions Received To Date: $11,274

Expenditures Made This Period: $2,861.47

“This is an election season like no other. The effect of the pandemic on politics is palpable. I’m honored by the financial and grassroots support I’ve received for my re-election campaign and will continue to reach out to voters across District 1 and ask for their vote so I can continue to serve the community.”

Alex Riley, District 1 (Challenger)

Contributions Received This Period: $3,905

Contributions Received To Date: $4,905

Expenditures Made This Period: $2,995.94

“I am very positive about my campaign. I’m proud that all of the campaign contributions I have received from $5 to the maximum all come from people in the community. These past few months I have spoken to a wide range of people from across Encinitas and hear many of the same concerns whether in Leucadia, New Encinitas or in Olivenhain — all-in-all they are ready for positive changes and new representation.”

Kellie Hinze, District 2 (Incumbent)

Contributions Received This Period: $9,381.40

Contributions Received To Date: $41,777.60

Expenditures Made This Period: $12,971.10

“Our fundraising reflects the campaign’s continued momentum. We ran out of yard signs much earlier than anticipated and thanks to small individual donations, we’ll be able to order another round to meet the demand.

I’m pleased we are exceeding goals for volunteer engagement with new faces signing on to join us every week. Encinitas voters are energetic and willing to contribute their time and resources to keep progressive leadership intact for our City. I’m heartened by high levels of civic engagement at a time when our county and community need it most.”

Susan Turney, District 2 (Challenger)

Contributions Received This Period: $11,190

Contributions Received To Date: $16,560

Expenditures Made This Period: $3,916.79

“Grassroots support for my Residents First campaign has grown rapidly and continues to pick up momentum.  My positions on pivotal issues such as preserving Prop A, retaining local control over our land use, and providing truly open government resonate with voters looking for a candidate to champion their concerns. Resident fears regarding overdevelopment and the pressures of outside interests are justified, and the solutions I offer give them hope for positive change.”


Don October 4, 2020 at 8:06 am

That’s a shame because here in Carlsbad our Code compliance people do a great job. Feel sorry for Encinitas but then again the only real solution is to prove that signs don’t vote…people do.

Jeremy K. October 2, 2020 at 7:50 pm

Remember that all those Thunder, Riley, Gaspar signs placed in public right of way, private property (without permission) will continue to not be enforced by Code Enforcement (Marianne Buscemi) with City Manager tacit approval.

If they are removed, no fines are given and they are recirculated back to the offending campaigns to replace, often in the exact same place. There are now hundreds illegally placed and city staff is 100% complicit.

If Catherine said one word about it she would be immediately demonized and accused of using her position as Mayor to stifle opposition campaigns, accused of violating their First Amendment rights and would be cast (again) as a villain by the Coast News with a Julie Thunder interview with Gaspar and Riley piling on, playing the victim while they litter the entire city and generally try to take us backwards toward hateful NIMBY racist localism, anti-Semitism and bigotry at City Hall

Catherine and council cannot solve this and Code knows it. Julie, Alex, and Kristin all know it and they take full advantage all over town.

Massive bong hits @ Code, who should all be fired immediately and replaced by actual employees.

The signs will litter the town after the election and find their way to vacant lots, bluffsides, shrubs and around the Nature Center, in culverts and storm drains, etc.

This has been our tradition for literally years.

Lowell October 1, 2020 at 12:21 pm

So are PACs somehow wrong now if they’re used to fund campaigns that you don’t like? Easy solution: Overturn Citizens United, one of the worst SC decisions of all time. I completely agree about keeping developer money out of politics when there is a clear conflict of interest BUT it has to apply to BOTH SIDES otherwise it’s pointless.

Addie October 1, 2020 at 11:31 am

Is it a coincidence that most of the signs posted illegally too early and on public property seem to be primarily Thunder, Turney, Riley, etal. Some people just don’t seem able to follow the rules. I wonder where they got the idea that following the rules is for “suckers and losers”?

Jay September 30, 2020 at 8:14 pm

“Concerned” is Mark Muir, campaign sign thief and failed politician.

Lea September 30, 2020 at 1:04 pm

Not a good look for Thunder to be late on something so important…what kind of mayor will she be if she can’t meet her deadlines?

concerned September 30, 2020 at 12:33 pm

Recall the incumbents. Mayor Blakespear, and council Hinze, and council Kranz are also stated recipients of two PACs listed in the city records. The Verdu PAC called North County Action Network, placed $30,000 to benefit of the three incumbents for the election. The maximum amount that can be contributed individually to a candidate is $250. Yet, someone with money or others with money can establish a PAC and give far more than the $250 max amount. A PAC isn’t considered part of the campaign contributions.

Another PAC, Conserve North County, established by local attorney Marco Gonzalez, has two contributors. Ladera Quality Meats located in San Diego with Michel Cohen Perez as contact and a contribution of $9,500 for the 3 incumbents. Quality meats?

The second contributor to the Gonzalez PAC is Encinitas Beach Land Venture I, LLC and its contributor Lawrence Jackel. Mr. Jackel is the developer of the expensive bluff top hotel on Highway 101 and La Costa that needed no additional city review of a 12 year old permit.

Mr. Jackel also owns the property next to the hotel. This property was upzoned by the council to 30 housing units per acre. Mr. Jackel’s company contributed $9,000 to Gonzalez’s PAC for the 3 incumbents.

While the PACs are independent and separate, the money is still used to get their 3 incumbents elected. It smells and smells.

Recall the 3 incumbents now. Encinitas needs a change of council and mayor. Vote for Thunder,
Turney, Riley.

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