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Incumbents Blakespear, Hinze lead opponents in financial contributions

ENCINITAS — The city of Encinitas has released campaign statements for the 2020 Mayoral and City Council District 1 & 2 elections, illustrating a stark difference in candidates’ cash contributions.

Summarizing the financial transactions of each campaign between January 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020, the documents are available on the city’s Public Records Archive for viewing.

Each Campaign Disclosure Statement lists contributions received, expenditures made, current cash statements and outstanding debts, as well as a list of donors.

In summary, current Mayor Catherine Blakespear received $20,711 more in total contributions than her challenger Julie Thunder. Additionally, Deputy Mayor and City Council Representative for District 2 Kellie Hinze received $29,492.87 more than her challenger, Susan Turney, while City Council Member for District 1, Tony Kranz, did not raise any funds while his challenger Alex Riley received $3,000.

The Coast News reached out to each candidate, requesting comment on fundraising efforts and their outlook on the 2020 election season.

Catherine Blakespear, Mayor (Incumbent)

Total Contributions Received: $41,435.00

Total Expenditures Made: $11,541.40

Campaign Loans: $0

“I’m very grateful to the more than 350 people who have contributed to my campaign so far! Outraising my opponent 2-to-1 shows the solid community support behind my re-election as mayor. Encinitas is a well-run city where residents enjoy a high quality of life, and this level of early support indicates that they want to see our progress continue.”

Julie Thunder, Mayor (Challenger)

Total Contributions Received: $20,724.00

Total Expenditures Made: $2,379.35

Campaign Loans: $5,000.00

“I’m not a professional politician. And, as an Independent without a party to support me, I was concerned about being able to raise enough money to run an effective campaign.  But the exact opposite has happened.  The vast majority of my donations were unsolicited – people are so frustrated with our current leadership that they are finding me in every way possible.  I haven’t even had a fundraiser yet and was able to meet my June goal.  I think my message to ‘Let’s keep Encinitas a beach town, not a big town’ is resonating with people like me, who moved here because we loved it the way it was when we came.”

Tony Kranz, District 1 (Incumbent)

Total Contributions Received: $0

Total Expenditures Made: $0

Campaign Loans: $0

“It’s clear that there is a lot of interest in the local election this November, as I would expect in the midst of a pandemic. I’ve tried to be sensitive to the challenging times we’re in and keep politics to a minimum for now, but I will start holding virtual meetings and do some fundraising between now and the election.”

 Alex Riley, District 1 (Challenger)

Total Contributions Received: $1,000.00

Total Expenditures Made: $8.60.00

Campaign Loans: $2,000.00

“I’ve been receiving unsolicited donations from people I’ve never personally spoken to from all over the city and I take that as a really good sign. While it hasn’t been announced on the website yet, I’ve been endorsed by the Deputy Sheriff’s Association and I’m really optimistic… for myself, for Susan, and for Julie… I think the three challengers are really tapping into a strong feeling in this city right now.

Kellie Hinze, District 2 (Incumbent)

Total Contributions Received: $34,896.20

Total Expenditures Made: $5,095.23

Campaign Loans: $2,000.00

“I was very encouraged to read these numbers. You don’t know heading into the election where you stand and how much your opponent’s message resonates. I believe these numbers, raised in thanks to this community, are a strong sign my beliefs are on the right track. My values are aligned with the people who I currently represent, people who are motivated to keep me in office.”

Susan Turney, District 2 (Challenger)

Total Contributions Received: $5,403.33

Total Expenditures Made: $1,387.59

Campaign Loans: $0

“I am excited to be running to represent the residents with whom I have advocated over many years for residents’ voices to be heard at City Hall.  My campaign is getting an enthusiastic response from voters across the city, reflecting my reputation as an advocate for residents citywide.

My fundraising statement reflects this widespread support; with the exception of two contributors, all donations came from Encinitas residents.  As with Prop A, I am running a grassroots campaign that focuses on resident support over that of special interests.”


concerned August 7, 2020 at 1:56 pm

The mayor and council can change the zoning ordinances at any time to financially benefit developers which is why enormous developments have been submitted. It isn’t state law that created the new city ordinances. On the council agenda next week is consent item 8E a letter to a state committee from the mayor and council supporting a bill to give the developers more money from these developments. This is part of the letter:
“The City of Encinitas is pleased to support Assembly Bill 3153 (Robert Rivas) that would allow housing developers to replace some of their required car parking spaces with bike parking or car-sharing spaces.”
Another part of the letter:
“Additionally, parking requirements drive up the cost of building housing and effectively subsidize motor vehicle use at a time when public resources and regulations should support alternatives to the automobile. AB 3153 simultaneously helps California achieve its affordable housing goals and its sustainable transportation goals and deserves your support. We support AB 3153 and
urge the Committee to pass the bill.” This state bill is in committee. It hasn’t become law yet, but Blakespear, Hinze, Kranz, Mosca, and Hubbard want it to become law. This mayor and council don’t represent the residents of Encinitas.
The proposed Goodson development which is now up to 283 apartments at the intersection of Rancho Santa Fe and Encinitas Blvd. would benefit financially from building less parking spaces.
Vote the incumbents out. It is time to clean house. Please remember that the mayor and council sued the residents of Encinitas to stop them from voting on zoning changes under Prop. A.

Happy Voter August 6, 2020 at 8:12 am

The numbers speak for themselves – Encinitas residents are demonstrating support for Catherine and Kellie because we are pleased with their work on our behalf so far. Julie only changed her party affiliation last year before declaring her candidacy but has a history of Republican Party membership. What voters need to understand on housing is that much of what happens locally is defined by state laws and property rights. If someone owns a parcel and wants to build on it, if they comply with zoning requirements, the city can’t stop them. Prior to this Council, the city’s leadership had failed to meet state laws on higher density housing and spent millions of tax dollars in litigation. We are finally doing what the law requires. Don’t blame the city officials for state laws – take that message to our state senator and assembly member.

concerned August 5, 2020 at 3:22 pm

For all the donors to Mayor Blakespear’s and Hinze’s campaigns: Blakespear’s true colors are now coming out. She is trying to stuff as much housing into Encinitas as she can before the elections. Much of that housing are million dollar houses. See -Increasing Suburban Density to Fight Climate Change by Blakespear.
Kellie Hinze is a Blakespear clone and also approves million dollar houses. Tony Kranz along with Blakespear and Hinze approved a project that needs $60,000,000 borrowing of money which will destroy the 101 in Leucadia. Did you as a taxpayer get to approve the spending of $60 million dollars? No!
Don’t let these spendthrifts stay in office. Vote them out now.

Tree Hugger August 5, 2020 at 3:01 pm

Your headline is not accurate. Tony Kranz has raised nothing. Zero! After saying that he was the bee guy, he became the homeless guy, and now he is the sensitive guy. Vote for Alex Riley District 1.

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