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While your safety is his primary concern, Dr. Mark Galli also wants to make sure your dental health is maximized and that your smile is brighter than ever. Courtesy photo
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It’s time to clean your teeth and brighten your smile

Is your smile a little duller than it should be on those Zoom calls?

When was the last time you had your teeth whitened, or cleaned by a dental professional?

If you haven’t been back to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned since the pandemic started, you may have buildup and inflammation, and that may affect not only your health, but also how you appear on video conference calls.

In these times when we need to balance getting proper and timely medical care with social distance and COVID-19 safety, many precautions are being instituted at the office of  Dr Mark Galli to ensure that you can receive the care that you need in a very safe environment.

The risk of postponing necessary dental hygiene procedures may outweigh your risk for COVID-19 at this point. While your safety is his primary concern, Dr. Galli also wants to make sure your dental health is maximized and that your smile is brighter than ever.

In his office, Dr. Galli follows the mandated guidelines and more to maximize his patients’ safety. The office team members are all screened prior to starting work and are all wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure their safety and the safety of each patient.

Upon arrival, patients contact the office from their car instead of waiting in the reception area. The team invites them in when it is safe, making sure there is no overlap in the common areas in order to maintain social distancing, and patients are taken to their own private rooms.

The most important modification Dr. Galli has made is the implementation of an air purifying solution that sanitizes the office’s air. The office has an updated HVAC system that is a closed system to their office only, so they are not sharing air with any other businesses in the building. As the solution disperses into the air in Dr. Galli’s office, it is circulated through the system and continuously sanitizes it.

It is now possible to receive the care your mouth needs in a safe and clean environment.

“Now that it’s safe to go back into the office, it’s time to get your teeth cleaned and whitened,” Dr. Galli said.

Having a brighter smile will make you look younger and feel more confident, but before you can get your teeth whitened you will want to start with a good cleaning.

“We always recommend patients start whitening a short time after a professional cleaning has been done,” Dr. Galli said. “The cleaning gets the buildup off your teeth before you brighten the color.”

The cleaning process eliminates buildup that a toothbrush and floss can’t reach.

The polish in the fluoride used then removes small bits of debris and stain that even regular brushing and flossing can’t eliminate.

The fluoride also helps the tooth’s surface, making it more resilient to tooth decay.

In other words, the whitening agent used on the teeth works better on the color of tooth enamel after all the quarantine build-up has been taken off. Your body will thank you for a healthier mouth and a brighter smile.

To schedule an appointment for a brighter smile, call 760-943-1449 and visit for more information.