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The holidays are great opportunity to test new products, such as Twinkie-flavored candy canes. Courtesy photo
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A holiday workout for your sweet tooth

Ah, the holidays. Time for family, friends, travel, gifts and goodies.

Diets? Feh! They can wait until January!

One of the nice things about this season is the opportunity to test new products. Twinkies, for example, is actively testing lots of new flavors. Do a quick online search and you’ll turn up Deep Fried Chocolate, White Peppermint, Mint Chocolate, Cotton Candy and Orange Crème Pop Twinkies…among others.

And did I mention the Twinkie-flavored candy canes?

Speaking of candy canes, this year you’ll also find them with flavors like Kool-Aid, Nerds, Creamsicle, Sweetarts and Jello.

Candy canes aren’t your thing? Howzabout popcorn, which you’ll now find available at the local grocery with flavors like Oreo, Snickers and M&Ms.

The National Retail Federation projects US holiday sales this year to be around $967 billion. Yes, you read that right: just shy of $1 trillion will be spent this holiday season.

This means loads of sales traffic into your store and/or website. And, for those paying attention, this is a great opportunity to test new products and services to see what might either sell to a larger market or during longer periods of the year.

Take those Twinkies candy canes, for example. The same item is also being tested shaped as candy spoons, good for melting into any hot beverage. If sales of either canes or spoons register significantly this holiday season, look for them in wider distribution this coming summer.

And the Oreo popcorn? What started as a test available exclusively through Sam’s Club in early 2020 is now all over the internet.

I guess the test was successful.

Regardless of what you sell, it’s possible you’ve also considered adding new products and services to your repertoire. Only if your business is like most, you’re probably holding off for fear that you’ll mess with your existing strategies of holiday sales.

The thing is, given the additional traffic the holidays are sure to bring your way, now is actually the perfect time to do some limited A/B testing.

Then, if little comes from it you’ve not risked much, and you can go about your business. However, if results are positive, you’ll be perfectly positioned to build expansion into your 2024 marketing plan.

Like mom always said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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