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Well-written, fact-based advice can add value to people’s lives long after it’s been published. Stock image
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Yes, I love you too

As a recovering New Yorker, my skin’s pretty thick. These columns satisfy my urge to share, and after 17 years I know I won’t please everyone. 

Over time I’ve been called some pretty ripe names. Most criticisms roll off my back, and at least I know folks are reading my thoughts.

Occasionally I’d also get love letters. This reassured me that I’m having a positive impact on people’s lives and that I’d connected with my audience.

Last year I published two columns that still generate thank-you notes on a daily basis. 

Interestingly, these columns have a common thread. Both were written about companies looking to fleece business professionals out of under $250. These amounts are small enough that few will go after the offender to recoup the loss. Cumulatively, though, their ill-gotten gains create a tidy sum for the wrongdoer.

You can read the articles about Boardsi ( and Corporate Processing Service ( yourself, so I won’t belabor the points previously made. But it’s the steady and enthusiastic stream of appreciation that impresses me.

My attitude is this column carries with it a responsibility to alert the public to fraudulent behavior. So after doing comprehensive research, I dutifully shared my findings about these charlatans. 

By all indications, I’ve apparently helped thousands of professionals to avoid being fleeced.

Today’s technology encourages seemingly everyone to be a writer, a reporter and a pundit. Regardless of whether they have the skills, the smarts or the facts, millions are typing whatever comes to mind. They cast it into the ozone, impervious to the impact their words may have.

And far be it from me to stifle anyone’s opinion. However, these reactions demonstrate that well-written, fact-based advice can add value to people’s lives long after it’s been published.

Yup, even after you’ve moved on, your advice can have a significant half-life.

Regardless of what you sell, you can use blogs, newsletters, white papers and press releases to get the word out, help others, and lure prospective clientele to your business.

And if you invest time and effort into exposing subjects your target audience can truly benefit from, you too may find yourself receiving positive feedback long after you’ve forgotten what you wrote.

And who knows what other doors that may open for you.

With that said, I wish you a week of profitable marketing.

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