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The worst ‘No on A’ liar-flier yet

I feel like ripping it up, but will save it as evidence against the Encinitas Preservation Association, and the “rebranded” 101 Associations and Chamber of Commerce.Because they are all subsidized by taxpayer monies, and have been subsidized by the city, directly, they should only use Prop A funds for “educational outreach.” This misinformation/propaganda is inappropriate for taxpayer subsidized nonprofits, not reporting their lobbying activities and associations.

All of the Mainstreet Associations should receive no more city subsidies, and the Chamber of Commerce should continue not to get the subsidies that were taken away from it, after previous “shenanigans.”

Peder Norby has failed to answer public information requests, from me, that have been forwarded to him, through the city clerk’s office. The EPA, is not only tax exempt, with tax deductible contributions, but the city paid a total of $781,250 into an escrow “facilitated” by Norby, and signed by Paul Ecke III, with Norby also on the Board of directors of the EPA, along with Doug Long, its current president. Long lies in his statement on the giant postcard of false postulation that: “PROP A would actually increase the allowed height of homes, changing the character of our neighborhoods.”

That untruth goes beyond conjecture, as in the slanted impact report’s “could be construed to raise height limits in some residential areas,” to a blatant lie! This lie was promulgated wrongly in the not impartial analysis by up-for-evaluation, we hope outgoing, City Attorney Glenn Sabine. The height limits in the initiative would be no more likely to be misinterpreted than the 30- foot, two-story height limits in the General Plan, with which the initiative was specifically written, to be consistent.

One of the boathouses can be converted into a promised museum, without rezoning the “subject property,” through a minor or major public use permit, just as retail sales are permitted at our public library.

Yes, our Supreme Court has muddied the waters with respect to campaign advertising/marketing/manipulation, by allowing for-profit corps. to form PACs, Political Action Committees, as “nonprofits.” That’s crossing the line, and leads to checkbook justice, checkbook morality.

No matter how much one spins it, truth is truth and lies are lies.

As our leaders become corrupted, we are being governed by a machine, with a machine’s refined intelligence, fabricating lies, constructing falsehoods, “redeveloping” the truth, spinning webs, mazes of deceit.

The spin-masters are counting on gullible, uninformed and/or apathetic “masses.”

We can set a fire of awareness with Prop A. Just say yes, is best. ??We can wake up and take back the power to decide for ourselves what we can have, what we want, what we need. We don’t have to be spoon-fed the marketing masters’ jive; we don’t have to take deceivers by their politically prejudiced word, or the phony justifications of under-qualified public technocrats. ??

We won’t take freedom to choose for granted! We can take back our personal power to vote on our quality of life, our neighborhood’s, our community’s character. We can choose not to be manipulated with fear, doubt and confusion, created by outright lies.?

Why wouldn’t everyone want to have the power to vote whether we want to go above 30 ft. and two stories, as originally envisioned by our founders and our General Plan? Voting yes is best, all deceit to the contrary.

You know when the “Anti-A-ites” have spent so much, they must be “running scared.” They are projecting their own fear.

I hope to God people will think for themselves. I don’t mind being a lamb, now and then, but corrupt, corrupting Big City Redevelopment is not my shepherd.

Lynn Marr is a Leucadia resident.


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John June 8, 2013 at 11:15 am

What are you so afraid of?

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