right to vote

It’s a matter of trust — Vote yes on A

For me Prop A is simple. Voting yes gives Encinitas citizens the right to vote on land use changes and holds the city council accountable. These are good things.

Prop A — A heavy price to pay!

Many of us voting No on Proposition A believe parts of the initiative were written with good intentions.

From the publisher: Don’t forget to vote

When I was a college sophomore I was talked into running for class president.

Prop. A will create confusion, won’t benefit Encinitas

The “Right to Vote” title alone sounds very compelling.

Who will be the shepherd of our city?

At this point all the arguments surrounding prop A have been laid bare with the real, unreal and just plain fantastic rationale laid out for you to believe or not.

The worst ‘No on A’ liar-flier yet

I feel like ripping it up, but will save it as evidence against the Encinitas Preservation Association, and the “rebranded” 101 Associations and Chamber of Commerce.

Commentary from the Publisher: ‘Trust me, vote Yes on Prop A’

The idea for Prop A started many years ago when an obviously pro-development City Council reigned in Encinitas.

Encinitas residents know what’s best for Encinitas!

I have watched the debate over Proposition A intensify across our five-unique Encinitas communities.

After Proposition A

A lot of time, energy, and money was spent on the 2012 City Council election and the results suggested that the community was ready for change.

Prop A and the Coastal Commission

I would like to comment on the statements by the attorneys for Rutan and the city that, “the Initiative would not take effect unless and until it is unconditionally certified by the Coastal Commission.”