Cardiff Library

Cardiff Library marks 100th anniversary

Cardiff Library marks 100th anniversary

ENCINITAS — More than 100 years ago at S.M. Holbrooks grocery store, 38 residents signed a petition to start a library in Cardiff.

A Place to Call Home: Local library and school contribute to Cardiff’s greatness

Cardiff-by-the-Sea was founded in 1911 so it was only 2 years old when forward thinking people knew they needed a library. It was Christmas Eve, 1913 when 38 residents gathered in S.M. (Solomon) Holbrooks grocery to make application for a library.

Thanks to its volunteers, library continues to serve

Cardiff-by-the-Sea Library celebrated 98 years of serving the community in March. The library has had many homes and once was housed in the Scout House in Glen Park. When no space was available, the community was served by a bookmobile, which I am told stopped in Glen Park.The Friends had a three-tiered goal when they […]